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Held motorcycle gloves review

Published on: 25 July 2020

We’ve never really been short of gloves to put on the shelves, which might explain why we have never taken on Held gloves. But, in recent times, we’ve become a little disappointed with some of the gloves that have been offered to us by some of the manufacturers. There’s rarely an issue with the way these gloves look, but we’ve found some of them not to be as comfortable as we would want them to be. And from a technical standpoint we have found some of them to be wanting.

Gradually, we have been changing our emphasis here at Motolegends. Yes, like everyone, we are attracted by a cool-looking glove, but we’ve become increasingly unwilling to accept compromises as far as functionality and wearability are concerned. Held is a brand that we’ve always known about ever since we came into this business. When customers who had them came into the shop, they were nearly always full of praise for them. We got to know their gloves a bit better when we started to work with Stadler, because Held makes Stadler’s gloves. And they were, and are, impressive.

We have spent a lot of time, in recent months, examining the Held range. We’ve tried on just about every glove they make. We’ve ridden in quite a few, and have managed to whittle our selection down to about a dozen models. We’re really excited. We think their gloves are brilliant; they make some of the most comfortable gloves we’ve ever worn, and some of the most technical. Held use all the most sophisticated components; they use the best, most exotic hides, and they put their gloves together with longevity in mind.

What we cannot really explain is why we didn’t take Held gloves on before. In fact, we feel a little embarrassed. We’re all about sourcing the best gear, yet we never really checked Held out, and so we never realised just how good their gloves are.

In this review, the Chap in the Cap talks through the Held gloves that we’ve decided to take on. There are some 11 gloves in total. And he describes every single one of them. If you want to hear about them all you’re in for a longish ride. The entire review runs to nearly 40 minutes, so if you press the ‘Play’ button, consider yourself forewarned.

If you do watch the full video, you also need to prepare yourself for some repetition. And that’s because every glove review will also be configured as a video in itself. Some repeating of key features, therefore, could not be avoided.

Anyway, you might still think it worth persevering. And that’s because we’re going to be talking about some fantastic gloves. And if you’re into in bike gear even half as much as we are then we think you might be interested in learning about what Held has to offer. Their gloves really are a bit special.

For more information and to order online, click Held motorcycle gloves.

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