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Klim Viper Pro Black Ops goggle review

Published on: 14 April 2020

Now here at Motolegends we do not purport to be the specialists in off-road riding, although we are, through Klim in particular, getting more into the world of adventure riding. Historically, for us, goggles have often been decorative, a way to look cool on your café racer, but here we have something a wee bit different; the Viper Pro Black Ops is probably the most sophisticated goggle on the market. It’s got a huge field of vision, and when they’re on you see absolutely nothing of the frame. The design also generates an immense flow of air into the frame. The fit is brilliant, partly due to the outrigger construction, but partly due to the three different foam layers that are affixed to the frame. The lense is pretty trick too. It is protective against UV rays, is anti-scratch and has a GeminEye anti-fog coating that is reputed to be three times as effective as other coatings. The lense is also Photochromatic. There’s lots more that makes the Viper Pro so special, but if you want the full SP you’re going to have to listen carefully to what the Chap in the Cap has to say. Frankly, what initially excited us about the Viper Pro was how nicely it fitted into the aperture of the Shoei Ex-Zero; and indeed it does. But it works just as well on just about any off-road helmet including, of course, the Krios Pro. We don’t need to tell you that this isn’t a cheap goggle, but it is a bit special.

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