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Klim Zephyr wind shirt review

Published on: 25 March 2020

The Zephyr shirt from Klim is a really neat and simple bit of kit, but it’s none the worse for that. It’s going to be really useful for a lot of bikers in a lot of circumstances. It’s basically a super-thin, windproof, inner jacket. It’s made from a four-way stretch fabric, to which has been laminated a waterproof/windproof membrane. Now that doesn’t, unfortunately, make this a waterproof garment because the membrane is not taped at the seams. But it will deliver some protection from the rain in, say, a short shower. In essence, it has been designed to be worn under a mesh or vented jacket, because jackets like this flow so much air that they can simply be too cold to ride in if the sun disappears. You could wear the jacket off the bike too. You could wear it under your favourite coat when you’re walking the dog. It would make your leather jacket warmer to ride in. It would even make a waterproof bike jacket warmer because two membranes are better than one. It’s got pockets, cinches at the waist, and can be screwed up into a package the size of a tennis ball. It should be mandatory for all bikers to have one on the bike at all times of the year! Anyway, listen to what our man has to say about it.

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