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Kriega motorcycle rucksacks and luggage review

Published on: 20 November 2020


There isn’t anybody in the motorcycle apparel business quite like Sean. Okay, he faffs about like an old lady, which makes going for a ride with him a test of patience that even Job would find beyond him. He has never, ever been on time for anything, anywhere, ever. And he goes into a complete meltdown if he hasn’t had any hot food for more than a couple of hours.

But there is nobody who can match Sean when it comes to deconstructing motorcycle gear. He lives and breathes motorcycle equipment. Most of us go home after a long day here, kick our shoes off and fall asleep or try to relax by watching some goddam-awful film on Sky that nobody could be bothered to watch when it was on at the cinema. Sean, by contrast, takes his laptop out and researches new gear, and the technology that is used in it. Like nobody else I’ve ever come across, he can put on a helmet, a jacket or a pair of gloves and, within seconds, he can tell what’s wrong with it, and why it won’t work.

The manufacturers love him and hate him. They love him when they get his input early on, so that they can improve the product before it goes into production. They hate him when they present something to him that has taken years to develop, and which Sean then pulls apart in front of their very eyes.

He takes no prisoners. He is not, it has to be said, a great salesman, and that is because he cannot sell any product to a customer that he does not like, or does not believe in, (that’s the product I’m talking about; not the customer). And certainly, as a retailer, we end up rejecting a lot gear because Sean won’t have it in the building.

But the good news is that he likes Kriega. A. Lot. And if Sean likes it, you can be sure that it works. In this review, he doesn’t go through every bag in the Kriega range. Instead, Sean tries to match bags to specific types of journey and need. He doesn’t look at every pocket in every bag, although he does examine most of them. But he does provide a very clear rationale for all the bags he reviews. It’s true that the range offered by Kriega is a little bewildering in its breadth. Sean does a great job of trying to break the range down. If you want a Kriega rucksack, but you’re not sure which one, watch our very own bespectacled wizard as he performs his magic. 

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