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Macna Dry Cooling EVO vest review

Published on: 20 April 2020

As the Chap in the Cap tries to explain, staying warm on the bike is a relatively simple affair. It’s knowing how to stay cool that is far more of a challenge, because when it’s really, really hot vents and openings will only direct more hot air towards the body. It’s in conditions like this that you need to take advantage of enhanced, evaporative cooling. And that’s what you get with the Macna Cooling Vest. Evaporative cooling mimic’s the body’s natural cooling mechanism. When we sweat the moisture that we create evaporates. The transition from a liquid state to a gas state requires energy. It takes heat to generate that energy, and it is the the extraction of that heat from the body that cools the surface of the skin. The Cooling Vest works in the same way. Put water in to it, but not too much. When that water heats up, it evaporates. That takes energy and heat. The jacket becomes cooler, and this reduces the temperature of the wearer. It’s a relatively simple device, but it works. And, in extremis, it can literally be a life saver. Watch the review. You’ll learn how not to pour water from a jug into a vest, but you may also see that this is the kind of accessory you should take with you if you’re going to be riding in the hottest conditions. It’s a field in which our man is a bit of an expert, because he’s found himself without the right gear in all kinds of inhospitable places!

For more information and to order online, click Macna Dry Cooling Vest EVO.

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