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Motolegends in Lockdown

Published on: 15 May 2020

With less people milling around the building, we thought this might be a good opportunity to go behind the scenes. To give those who don’t know us a bit more of a picture of what we are and what we do. But also to show everybody how we are operating during the Lockdown. These are clearly difficult times but, even though many people know us for our shop, we are also obviously an internet and mail-order company. And on that side it’s as close to business as usual as it ever could be. Chris takes us on a quick tour of the building. We meet the guys who are probably busier packing parcels than they’ve ever been. We wander down the aisles of bins and shelves and racks that enable us to claim that, even though the footprint of our shop is small, we are technically the second largest motorcycle apparel shop in the country. We pop our heads into the offices, where our Call Centre continues to take orders and answer queries. We also visit the shop, of course. Like a fairground without the noise and the lights, it’s a bit of a sad sight, as it sits empty, waiting for the day when customers can come through the doors again. Chris ends his whistle stop tour musing on what the future might hold. When shops can open again, will shopping be anything like it was in the past? Will you be able to try things on, or will going shopping feel more like just picking stuff up? Will customers be expected to form an orderly queue in the car park, like a Saturday morning at Sainsbury’s? Obviously, nobody knows. As ever, we will abide by the law, and put in whatever measures are required of us. But that doesn’t mean, we hope, that, when the day comes, we can’t still make it fun!

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