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Pinlock inserts and condensation in motorcycle helmets

Published on: 01/06/2020 12:35


We recorded this review on probably the warmest day of the year so far. There’s absolutely no chance of a helmet fogging up in weather like this, so talking about anti-fogging, Pinlock inserts and so on seems totally inappropriate. But such considerations have never caused Chris not to do something that he wants to do, and so here we are talking about condensation and fogging. In this video, Chris explains how and why visors mist up. He talks us through various ways to mitigate the situation, and explains the factors that can make it worse. But, in truth, this video is as much about Pinlock as it is about anything else. We learn how a Pinlock works, and indeed the reason he’s got his lab coat on is that he gets to conduct a couple of scientific experiments. Well, he thinks they’re scientific! He goes on to show how to fit a Pinlock, what to look for, and importantly how to adjust the insert when it works itself loose. Fogging is a pain. You cannot necessarily totally eradicate it, and if you experience it you have to normally accept that it’s a natural phenomenon, and not a fault with the helmet. There will be people out there who will learn nothing from this video; the subject matter, after all, is not rocket science. But, by the same token, we know there are lots of bikers out there have no idea what that little packet rattling around the helmet box is for. Well, whether you know a lot or a little, we suspect most people will at learn at least something new from this video. We hope so.




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