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Planning a visit to the Motolegends shop?

Published on: 21 October 2020

If you’re a regular visitor to the Motolegends shop, then it might not be worth watching this video. It’s going to be 10 minutes you’re never going to be get back, and because the video is all about the shop and how it operates, you’re going to find that it’s not particularly illuminating.

We’ve created this video more for those who haven’t yet visited us in Guildford; those who have heard about the shop and are perhaps tempted to pay the store a visit. Our video, we hope, will prepare you for your visit. We’re going to try and manage your expectations. In this video, we tell you how we like to operate. And this is important because other motorcycle shops will not prepare you for what you will experience here.

We’re going to explain exactly what is so different about the way we do things, and why we do it the way we do it. We’re going to explain the benefits of our particular approach, and we’ll explain the downsides. And there are downsides; which is why we hope you’ll understand when we say that our shop is not for everybody.

Obviously, we don’t want to disappoint anybody, but for some people the experience is simply not what they’re after. For some, our shop is disappointingly small, although the amount of stock the shop has access to makes it technically the second largest in the country. But nothing is priced, there’s no bargain corner, and we tend to only have one size of a given item on display.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that we only cater for certain types of rider and for certain types of riding. We have absolutely nothing for sports bike riders. We don’t do leather vests and chaps. We are not, as we see it, a proper off-road company either. By contrast, we do offer great technical gear for those who commute or tour. There aren't many shops where you can try on all nine Goretex Rukka jackets, compare them with the offering from Klim, and then try on your casual set up of a Belstaff motorcycle jacket and jeans. We’re pretty well set up for the modern adventure rider. And we sell super-cool gear for those who don’t want to sacrifice safety in the pursuit of style. We also reckon we’re the experts on laminate gear and single-layer motorcycle jeans.

There’s another point that we’ve tried to make in this video. And it’s that if you are to get the most out of a visit here, you need to adopt a certain frame of mind. Things here work on the basis of a dialogue. If you’re not the kind of person who is prepared to have a conversation, you shouldn’t come here. If all you want to do is browse and look at stuff, you will be disappointed. For all the reasons we have already explained.

Of course, we think it’s brilliant here but, as we have suggested, our shop is not for everyone. It just isn’t!

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