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Rokker College jacket review

Published on: 26 March 2020

We love the Rokker boys. We love the Rokker brand. These guys combine cool style with high performance in the way that no other motorcycle clothing manufacturer does. Michael and Kai make the best jeans, the best chinos and the best boots. And every now and then they do a pretty decent jacket too. A case in point is their College Jacket. Never has a proper motorcycling jacket looked less like a proper motorcycling jacket. In fact, it looks like the kind of baseball jacket you’d expect to pick up on the high street. Yet, made from Schoeller Dynatec, the fabrIc is 50% stronger than leather. A Nanosphere treatment means that it is more than just a little waterproof, whilst a Coldblack treatment will keep you cool when it gets hot. You get D3O armour throughout the jacket and, in truth, not a lot more. But, then again, what more do you need? This is, without doubt, the most subtle, most understated bike jacket ever. But make no mistake; a bike jacket is very much what it is. Take a few minutes out to listen to what the Chap in the Cap has to say about it. But keep an open mind; sometimes you simply cannot tell a book by its cover.

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