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Rokker Richmond rider shirt review

Published on: 17 April 2020

Any new release from Rokker is a big deal, and so we’re excited to announce this riding shirt from Rokker. It’s a classic Rokker piece. This is a shirt that is going to look great as a casual shirt, but it’s also a proper functioning piece of protective wear. The outer fabric is a 100% cotton flannel. You get zips under the arms for ventilation and Coolmax in the lining for moisture wicking. Now, under the latest EN17092 regulations, the Richmond is classified as a ‘B’garment. Basically, ‘B’ is the same as ‘A’, but it allows the garment to be sold without armour, and so the Richmond comes without CE protectors. Now, we don’t have a strong view about the supply of armour with this shirt. You might not to wear armour. You might not even ride a bike. And if you do ride a bike, you might want to fit your own armour or, better still, D3O’s Ghost armour. But we do think that Rokker should not be satisfied with the equivalent of an ‘A’ rating on a garment like this. The ‘A’ rating is an urban standard, designed to identify a garment that will protect you in an accident that occurs at up to 30mph. Now we are pretty confident that this garment is better than that, and what we fear is that Rokker does not understand that when you’re spending the kind of money this shirt costs you need more reassurance than an ‘A’ rating. Not a lot more to say about the shirt, although there’s a lot more detail you might be interested in. If you want to know everything you should listen to the Chap’s review. Honestly, it’s one of his better ones. This is a cracking shirt, but before making this kind of investment you should get the full SP.

For more information and to order online, click Rokker Richmond rider shirt.

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