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Rokker Rokkertech single-layer motorcycle jeans explained

Published on: 04 July 2020

We love the Rokker brand. And we particularly love their Rokkertech jeans. We’ve tested every jean out there, but in our view there’s nothing to match the Rokkertechs. With a slide time of over six seconds, these motorcycle jeans are 50% more abrasion resistance than a leather trouser. But they look fantastic and they’re lovely to wear. For many people a Rokkertech is their favourite jean; off or on the bike. In the early days, there was just one style. But now there are four different colours and three different fits. And that’s before we look at the ladies jeans. There are loads of waist sizes and four different leg lengths. The number of permutations is huge. Some will need the straight fit. Some will want the slim fit, although not everybody can get into a slim jean! If you can’t, you might need a tapered slim. It’s all a bit perplexing. You need to be guided by people who know these jeans. Frankly, that narrows the field, because nobody carries the number of jeans we do, and nobody knows how to make them fit like we do. Armour can also be an issue, because the armour pocket on the Rokkertech is not adjustable. But, if we have to, we’ll unsew the armour pocket and move it up or down. Come and see us, and we’ll also make sure we get the length dead right; again both on and off the bike. And all such alterations we do for free if you come and see us. So, as you might have realised, getting these jeans right can be a challenge. Which is where this review comes in. In it Chris deconstructs the Rokkertech jean. He, with some input from Sara, tells you pretty much everything you need to know about them. If you’re ordering online, this guide should be of help. Of course, when a pair of jeans costs this much you really want to get them right, and whilst we hope this guide will help there’s still no substitute for paying us us a visit in Guildford. Come see us, and you won’t leave here until they’re right. This is not a short video, but if you’re spending £350, then 35 minutes doesn’t seem an excessive amount of time to invest in the decision.

For more information and to order online, click Rokker Rokkertech single-layer motorcycle jean.

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