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Rukka AFT glove review

Published on: 20 March 2020

The AFT initials stand for ‘Air Flow Technology’, and what that means is that this is a glove that is designed to flow large volumes of air in hotter conditions. The problem for us is that Rukka already does a really vented glove; and we love it. That glove is the Forsair. It’s a lovely, lightweight and stretchy glove that is so easy to wear, and that flows air through to the hand very nicely.

So, why launch a glove that competes so directly with it? The main difference between the two gloves is that the Forsair contains no leather, whereas the AFT is all leather. And there are people out there who only feel safe in a leather glove. The other issue is that Rukka reckons the new glove will flow more air. Or are the just saying that to get people to buy it? In truth, we just haven’t had time to compare the two, head-to-head.

The new glove is, of course, beautifully made and solidly constructed. You get lots of nice little touches, like soft protectors for the knuckles, accordion stretch on the fingers, a palm slider, and even a mesh wrist closure. Now if the Forsair didn’t exist we’d be telling everybody that this was the best vented glove on the market.

And indeed it might just be. It certainly feels more robust than your average vented glove, and in the margin it’s probably a stronger and safer glove than the Forsair. But we love the Forsair. And so does everybody who owns a pair. The fit is brilliant, and they are incredibly comfortable.

The Forsair costs £84.99. The new AFT is still very well priced at just £99.99. If you can’t make up your mind, why not take a couple of minutes to listen to what the Chap in the Cap has to say?

For more information and to order online, click Rukka AFT glove.

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