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Rukka Kalix GTX Glove Video Review

Published on: 12 February 2020

In his latest review, the chap in the cap waxes lyrical about the new Rukka Kalix glove. It’s a short-cuff, summer, waterproof glove. Made from a mix of a textile fabric called Taslan and cowhide, its waterproofing comes courtesy of a laminated, Gore-Tex membrane. There are few gloves that are as well spec’d as the Rukka Kalix. Rukka has thrown everything at this glove. It features the best of everything, yet it is still incredibly comfortable to wear. Of course, it is not a cheap glove, and there are lots of gloves that purport to do what the Kalix does for a lot less money. But in the margin the Rukka Kalix glove is probably better equipped and constructed than any of those would-be competitors. Chris walks us through the details and, although he acknowledges that you can buy summer waterproof gloves for a lot less, he does explain why the extra cost of the Rukkas can sort of be justified.

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