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Rukka Nivala video review

Published on: 18 November 2019

When Rukka released the Nivala onto the market a couple of years ago they kind of shot themselves in the foot. And that’s because, even though it was and still is, the most expensive outfit in their range, it was so much better than anything else they produced that the Nivala was the only Rukka suit everybody wanted to buy.

With its stretch Cordura outer, it was more comfortable than a laminated jacket had a right to be. At the time, it was as well vented as any Rukka jacket, and its fabulous, separately-worn, duck-down, inner jacket and pants made it warmer than any motorcycle suit that had gone before.

If you were somebody who commuted throughout the winter, the Nivala was the combination you wanted to be wearing. We still stand by this view although the world does not stand still and the other brands have done some catching up.

In today’s market, the Nivala is nowhere near as well vented as some of its would-be competitors, and we are still disappointed that when you spend over two grand on a suit you still only get a Level 1 back protector.

Watch our video for a full and frank review of the Nivala. There’s no such thing as the perfect, all-round suit that does everything. Like all suits, the Nivala has its strengths and weaknesses. We’ve done our best to explain what the Nivala is, who it will work for, and what its failings are. Then it’s up to you; you can make up your own mind.

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