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Rukka Worsley Glove Video Review

Published on: 03 February 2020

In this review, our man in the cap reviews a new glove from Rukka. The Worsley, as it is called, has replaced the old Rytmi that was in the Finnish company’s range for many years. It is a short-cuff, summer glove, so obviously it has no waterproof membrane. As you’d expect, of Rukka, the glove is over engineered and put together with longevity in mind. As a summer glove, the Worsley is going to be really nice to wear on warmer days. In the margin, there are probably even more breathable gloves out there, but those gloves will not give you the quality of manufacture and components that you get with the Worsley. Now, in the world of Rukka these are not expensive gloves, but they are certainly not cheap. For the same money you can buy Richa’s very impressive, summer waterproof glove called the Atlantic, whilst for half the money you could get the Halvarssons equivalent of the Worsley. But listen to Chris, and you might just come to the conclusion that the Rukkas are worth paying a little extra for.

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