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SW Motech Legend Gear soft luggage

Published on: 29 June 2020

Here at Motolegends the car park is filled with all kinds of bikes. Sean commutes in daily on his trusty Pan European. Artur, who manages the warehouse, rides a Triumph Tiger. There’s Sara’s ridiculously pretty MV. Chris has his trusty old BMW R100rs and his tarted-up R nineT. And then there’s Graham, our designer cum cameraman cum video editor, with his ultra-shiny and excessively clean Kawasaki. In this review, Chris talks us through the Legend Gear luggage system from SW Motech. As he explains, hard luggage simply doesn’t work on bikes like his very own R nineT or Graham’s Z900RS. Nor, in the Chap in the Cap’s opinion does traditional, strap-on luggage. Webbed straps and bungees have no place on a modern bike, he suggests. The perfect solution, according to our man, is the Legend Gear luggage system from SW Motech. It allows you to attach super-cool looking canvas bags to a fixed frame, giving the best of both worlds. The classic look of traditional soft bags with the security and dependability of hard luggage. But Chris is a practical kind of guy, so here he decides to actually show us how to attach a Legend Gear bracket to a bike; more precisely to Graham’s Z1 hommage. What becomes clear is that Chris is not the Renaissance man he would have us believe him to be. He’s probably been watching too much spannering on Wheeler Dealer, but initially he won’t accept Graham’s assertion that all he needs is a simple Allen key. Ultimately, we learn that Graham was right; we also see just how easy it is to mount a bracket on to a bike. In fact, we incline to the view that if Chris can install a bracket, then almost anybody can. On reflection, delete ‘almost’. This really is a clever system, and the end result is both hugely practical and great looking.

For more information and to order online, click SW-Motech Legend Gear soft motorcycle luggage.

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