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Spidi Gamma jacket review

Published on: 31 March 2020

As Chris explains in this review, there’s no such thing as the perfect motorcycle jacket. And, without doubt, the Gamma jacket from Spidi is not going to meet the needs of a lot of motorcyclists. But for a small minority of riders the Gamma is going to be exactly what they’ve been looking for. It is, by any definition, an urban jacket. It is very smart and very lightweight. We reckon it’s going to suit the short-distance, urban commuter or the guy who, for example, rides his scooter to the station and then takes the train into work. And who then wants to wear the jacket for his walk into work and for the rest of the day. The jacket is laminated, so it’s not going to wet out. It’s got a lightish weight thermal liner, and it comes with CE armour in the elbows and shoulders. Now all that sounds great, but this is not the kind of jacket that is going to stand up to heavy-duty, high-mileage commuting. It’s not that rugged. It’s also not the kind of jacket you’re going to want to be wearing if you do a lot of miles at motorway speeds, because it won’t stand up particularly well to a high-speed accident. It is, after all, an A rated jacket. Anyway, listen to what the chap has to say. This is not going to be the right jacket for a lot of riders, but for somebody it’s going to be just the ticket.

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