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TCX Drifter Boot Video Review

Published on: 17 February 2020

In this review, the chap in the cap tells us all about TCX’s adventure boot called the Drifter. It’s a slightly more off-road focused version of the company’s other adventure-style boot called the Baja. Now Chris likes the boot, and if you’re an adventure rider who is going to spend most of his or her time on the black stuff, this may well be the perfect boot. But recently Chris came back from a trip to Morocco on crutches. He had a little accident in the Sahara. He had been wearing a pair of Drifters, and whilst they were brilliant on road and for the gentler off-road bits, they were perhaps not the right choice for some of the more challenging, off-road sections. Certainly the guide was of the view that a proper, plastic, motocross-style boot would have better protected his ankle. And he probably has a point. The Drifter is a fabulous boot. It looks the part, and if you’re going to be doing a bit of green laning, or following gentle trails, then the Drifters are perfect. But they’re not a proper, out and out, off-road boot. I suppose it merely highlights the point that no one product does everything. You wouldn’t really want to ride on road in a motocross boot; they’re horribly uncomfortable. But motocross boots are stronger and more robust, and they do represent the best way to protect your ankles if it all goes a bit pear shaped. Chris’s accident was, we all have to say, pretty amusing too. Did you know that the Sahara was as big as mainland China? Amazing, therefore, given all that space, that two bikes should manage to crash into one another. But it gets better....!

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