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The definitive guide to motorcycle helmet fitting

Published on: 07/08/2020 16:33


This week, the chap in the cap tackles one of the thorniest subjects in the entire motorcycle apparel business; namely, how to make sure you get the perfect-fitting motorcycle helmet. In this video, Chris tackles a number of issues that are very rarely raised in motorcycle shops. 

For whatever reason, most motorcycle shops don’t want to get too involved in detailed discussions about how helmets should fit. There are, in all probability, a number of reasons for this. In some cases, it comes down to a lack of knowledge; a surprising number of people serving in motorcycle shops simply know very little about how a helmet should fit. Some, let’s face it, are just too darned lazy to care. More shockingly, we have learned, some shops don’t want to get involved because, if there’s a problem down the road, they don’t want to be implicated!

We take a different view, and we enjoy sharing with our customers whatever knowledge we have on a particular subject. And so Chris tells us why a good fit is so important. He talks about what constitutes a good fit. He explains why your 58cm. head measure is only a starting point, and shows us why the really important issue is matching the shape of your head to a helmet that mirrors it.

He tells you how to test for a good fit, and what to look for. Of course, the shape of your cranium is one dimension, but he goes on to explain that the other consideration is the shape of your face, because again all our faces are different.

He finishes off his dissertation by showing how the best brand, as far as customising the fit is concerned, is Shoei. It only takes a matter of seconds to remove a headliner and a set of cheek pads, and given this he wonders why most retailers don’t offer their customers this free service.

The bottom line is that this is not rocket science. The theory is pretty straightforward. Motorcyclists need to understand how it all works, and be prepared to put comfort and safety before considerations of colour and style. You then need merely to find a retailer that has the confidence, the determination, and importantly the equipment, to make a helmet fit your head. 

This is not one of Chris’s shortest videos but, from a safety and protection standpoint, it might just be the most important subject he has tackled. If you can afford to spend some time listening to what he has to say, you’ll come out the other end knowing more than you did. When you next buy a helmet, you’ll know what you need to do to avoid getting a crippling headache, and how to make sure you are as comfortable and well protected as you possibly can be.

But put the kettle on. Halfway through, you’re probably going to need a cuppa!




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