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The latest EN17092 CE regulations explained

Published on: 22/05/2020 13:55


Now let us get our defence in up front. This review is not exciting; the subject matter itself, I’m afraid, is also not particularly exciting. The detail is not intrinsically interesting, although we would contend that the new CE regulations are potentially really important to all motorcyclists. But the bottom line is that you’ve got to be pretty committed to learning about these regulations to see our review through to the end. Maybe we just lacked the skills and creativity to make this review more entertaining, but even we think the it’s a bit hard going. The regulations and the testing are relatively straightforward. But having explained EN 17092 as well as we felt we could, we thought we needed to explain what it meant to motorcyclists And what motorcyclists needed to look out for. We are happy with the end result in that it contains all the most important information we wanted to impart, but we readily admit that we found it difficult to put it together in a manner that was interesting and entertaining. But nevertheless if you’re a motorcyclist, and if you’re interested in making informed choices about the protective qualities of the gear you buy, you might still find it worthwhile putting 15 or so minutes aside, and listening to what the Chap in the Cap has to say. A review of a new helmet is going to be more watchable. A review about a new pair of single-layer jeans may be easier to digest. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to know all about the motorcycle gear they’re buying, and how it’s going to perform, you’ll learn more from this review than you will from any shop assistant, from any magazine or internet article, or from any geezer on a forum. This is stuff you should know. Just don’t expect this review to deliver many laughs. And think yourself fortunate that we didn’t send out our initial cut that ran to just under 30 minutes! Problem is, Chris gets off on this kind of stuff. He just doesn’t always understand that not everybody shares his enthusiasm.




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