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The latest EN17092 CE regulations explained - Directors cut

Published on: 28 May 2020

Now about a week ago we sent out a video review of the latest EN17092 CE regulations. The detail of the legislation is pretty dull, but the new law has implications for bikers, and so we felt it was important to tell people a wee bit about it. The review we initially recorded ran to 30 minutes. Everybody here thought that was way too long, and so we sent out an edited version. That was almost certainly the right call, but since the review went out we have been inundated with questions, many of which, ironically, would have been answered in our un-cut review. So, basically, we have now decided to release the longer version. But let me be clear. If you are of a nervous disposition, if you have attention and concentration issues, if you are easily bored and distracted, or if you watch our reviews hoping to see something mildly amusing, hit the ‘back’ button now. You’ve got to really want to know more about this legislation to subject yourself to 30 minutes of Chris banging on about stuff that pretty much only he thinks is interesting. Consider yourself forewarned!

In October 2023, we published an updated EN17092 review, which can be found by clicking here.

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