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Top 10 summer motorcycle gloves 2020

Published on: 17 April 2020

Now even though we had some lovely weather over Easter, it would be somewhat premature to suggest that summer is here. Although presumably it’s on its way. Clearly not many of us are doing a lot of riding right now, but there’s no harm in being prepared, and so we’ve put together a review of some of our favourite summer gloves for when the sun does come out and, hopefully, we are all allowed out on the bikes again. As far as gloves are concerned, there are three basic typologies. Winter gloves will have a membrane and an insulating liner of some description. There’s another category that we call Summer Waterproof gloves. These will have a membrane, but no thermal properties. You could wear a glove like this through most of a British summer but, on the hottest days, they might become a little sweaty; and you wouldn’t wear a glove like this if you were crossing the Sahara. The final category, and it’s very much the subject of this review, is what we would call a proper, summer glove: no thermal, no membrane. Gloves like this represent the ultimate in breathability for wearing in the hottest conditions. The downside? No good in the rain. And a bit chilly on a colder day. In this review, we’ve looked at our favourite pure summer gloves. Bear in mind that we don’t do all brands, and we don’t cater for all riding styles. If you spend all your time off road, we don’t have a huge amount to offer. Ditto if you ride a cruiser and want some of those gloves that leave the fingers exposed. But if most of your time is spent on the black stuff, and if comfort, functionality and safety are important considerations, I reckon we should have something to offer you. So grab a cup of tea and a biscuit, Take a seat, and listen to what the Chap in the Cap has to say.

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