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Top 10 summer motorcycle jackets 2020

Published on: 01 May 2020

Okay, the first thing we have to do is apologise for the length of this review; it’s a bit of a monster. In fact, Alfred Hitchcock released more than one film that was shorter than our review. He once stated that a film’s length should be no more than the endurance of the audience’s bladder, so if you’re interested in summer bike jackets, you should perhaps pop to the loo now.

Everybody tells us that our video reviews should be short and pithy, but we have a lot of information that we like to impart about our products, and in this particular case there are a lot of jackets we wanted to include in our review. And it may be that, right now, as we’re all locked down, a case could be made for giving more detail than one might normally. The fact is that you can’t exactly pop down to your local apparel seller to browse through the latest offerings, and to discuss their relative merits.

This review runs to a few minutes over the hour, but in that hour you will learn just about everything you might want to know about some of the very best summer jackets on the market. You’re not going to get anywhere near as much useful advice and guidance from an hour spent at your local bike shop, so long as this review might be, it might just conceivably represent time well spent.

But before you make yourself too comfortable, let’s just explain what we mean by a summer jacket, because our view might be different to your own particular understanding. For us the deciding and determining factor is the absence of a waterproof membrane. Now there are some really nice summer jackets out there with membranes and, who knows, one day we might do a review of them. But if you want the very best in venting and breathability, you don’t want a membrane. Of course, you would be justified in pointing out that it rains a lot in the UK in the summer; and it does. But you have to draw a line somewhere, and for this review this is where we’ve drawn it. Nor, by the way, have we included jackets with removable membranes. Again, we’ll probably review jackets like this in the future.

So, take a seat; sit back and relax. And imagine you’re on a bike in a few weeks’ time on a burning hot summer’s day. It’s on days like that that you’ll be wanting something light, well vented and breathable. Watch our review, and there’s every chance that you can be properly equipped when eventually that day does come round!

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