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Top 10 summer waterproof motorcycle gloves 2020

Published on: 07 May 2020

Not that many weeks ago we did a review of summer gloves. But that was a review of what we would term proper summer gloves; that is to say the kind of gloves you would wear on the very warmest, and totally dry, days. But actually, here in the UK, it doesn’t get that hot that often. And, of course, just because it’s beautiful and sunny when we set off on the bike, that doesn’t mean that the heavens are not going to open a few hours later. This is the UK! And so, arguably, lovely as genuine, summer gloves are to wear on the hottest of days, a more useful and wearable glove is what we would term the summer, waterproof glove; sometimes known as a two/three season glove. These gloves have a membrane but no thermal lining. You wouldn’t normally wear a glove like this in the winter, although with heated grips you can ride reasonably deep into the autumn with them. And when the temperatures are up in the thirties you might find them a bit sticky, but the summer waterproof glove is probably the most useable of any type of glove. In this review, Chris explains some of the technical issues and then looks at 10 of our favourite pairs. If you only wanted to wear one pair of gloves, this is the way you’d go.

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