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Top 30 summer motorcycle gloves 2024

Published on: 26 June 2024


It's that time of year. Summer is technically here; although it still doesn't feel as though the new season is yet in full swing. But the temperatures are moving up. Occasionally, one might even suggest it's hot. Now that it's a bit warmer, more of us are venturing off road again. And lots of people seem to be setting off on adventures to foreign lands. And so a case can be made for putting your waterproof gloves in a pannier, and wearing a proper summer glove instead.

Now, there are three kinds of motorcycle glove. A winter glove will have a waterproof membrane and some form of insulating lining. A summer-waterproof glove will just have a waterproof membrane. A summer glove will have an outer chassis and no lining, other than perhaps a comfort one.

Summer gloves are, by and large, super comfortable. They deliver great control on the grips. They breathe well and, in some cases, flow loads of air. And this is obviously important in the summer. In hot weather we want the sweat that comes to the surface of our skin to be able to escape into the atmosphere. And the gloves that enable this to happen best are summer gloves.

As with all types of glove, summer gloves come in many shapes and sizes. Some are super thin, and are designed to offer superb feel, for off-road riding perhaps. Some have loads of feel, but don't overtly promote airflow. Some summer gloves put the emphasis on protection. Some have short cuffs. Some have long cuffs. Some are made from leather. Some from textile fabrics. And so on, and so forth.

Now in this video, partly because we're reviewing so many gloves, we're not going to go into huge detail on any of them. We're aiming to do little more than highlight the strengths and weaknesses of all the gloves we look at. And, as ever, we'll try and tell it the way we see it. That means we'll admit when we are not mad keen about a particular glove. But that's often going to be a personal opinion; just because I don't like something, it doesn't mean that anybody has to agree with me.

Finally, we tend to give reviews like this titles such as '10 best', or 'Top 20', and so on. But we don't mean that literally, of course. Okay, we do try to pick out all the nicer stuff when we are selecting our ranges; but actually this review is just a look at our favourite 30 summer gloves. And what you have to mind is that there are literally thousands of such gloves on the market!

If you going to watch the video, I have tried to keep it brief. I cover 30 gloves in less than 30 minutes. Martin at Bikestop would be impressed!

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