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Rokker Urban Rebel boots in black



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Rokker Urban Rebel boots in black
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Rokker Urban Rebel boots in black Product Information

The Urban Rebel boot is, in essence, a lighter version of the company’s iconic Urban Racer boot. Now the Urban Racer is an amazing boot. It’s no lightweight, though. What we know about it, however, is that after a bit of wearing in it becomes supremely comfortable. But there are some people who can’t get on with the sheer heft and weight of the Urban Racer. And so, for these people, Rokker has introduced a new boot called the Urban Rebel.

In terms of construction, both boots are very similar. Importantly, they are both made the traditional way, using a proper Goodyear welt. A Goodyear welt is a means of attaching the outsole to the upper of the boot, but it also involves putting a sandwich of cork between what is known as the upper sole and the mid sole. This is how gentlemen’s boots have been made for centuries in Northampton. Importantly, it makes for a particularly comfortable boot as, over time, the foot moulds into the cork.

Like its big brother, the Urban Rebel is made from a hydrophobically-treated leather for waterproofing. Likewise, you get a shank in the sole and an all-leather lining. The outer sole is a hard-wearing Vibram affair. You get a gearchange panel, a hardened toe puff and a strong counter in the heel. Both boots have five eyelets with three speedlacing hooks.

Given all this you might ask what is the difference between the boots? And the answer really is not a lot. The same attention to detail has gone into both boots. They are identically constructed, and indeed cost exactly the same.

There are two key differences. Firstly, the leather on the Urban Rebel is definitely lighter, softer and more pliable. This is a boot that is going to be easy to wear from day one. Wearing it in will make it even nicer over time, but this is going to be a boot that is comfortable for everybody. Secondly, the heavier boot has three padded baffles at the top of the shaft, and this undoubtedly aids comfort, but Rokker has not done the same with the Urban Rebel on the basis, we suppose, that with the lighter, softer leather, it wasn’t required.

So how does one differentiate? Which boot is right for you? The Urban Racer weighs 900 grams; the Urban Rebel is 800 grams. Now on the bike, you won’t feel the difference, but walking around town you might. And for us that’s going to be the differentiator. If you spend a lot of your time in town, the Urban Rebel is going to be a little less clunky. It will be nicer to wear if you’re on your feet all day, and it’s probably going to look more appropriate when worn with a pair of chinos. The light-coloured, contrasting welt also suggests a more urbane look. And unlike most of the Urban Racers, the Urban Rebels both have a smooth finish to the leather that will respond better to a bit of polish and a shoe brush. The boots come in both black and brown, by the way. The brown version has a grain finish; the leather on the black boot is smooth.

The Urban Racer is a bit more rugged. Yes they quickly become comfortable, but they are more industrial. More military in their bearing, perhaps. Both of these boots are going to last a long while. Look after them, and both will last as long as you want them to. But neglect them, and the Racers will probably outlast the Rebels. In terms of protection, there won’t be much between the two boots. But with its thicker leather, in the margin, one would have to suggest that the Racer is going to stand up better if it all goes wrong. But we’re talking about a theoretical position here, and in our view the difference in the level of protection would not be the key criterion when choosing between the two.


  • Made from hydrophobically-treated leather
  • Calfskin lined
  • Goodyear welt with cork layer
  • Reinforcing shank in the sole
  • Speed laces 
  • Vibram outer sole
  • Made in Portugal



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