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Rokker is like no other motorcycle clothing company out there. It is a company that knows what it is and what it wants to be. The Rokker Company produces the most technical denim motorcycle gear that money can buy while still making sure it is the best looking gear on the market and the easiest to wear!
The Rokker style is laid back and casual; the aim being to create a look that is as at home on the street as it is on the motorbike. But top of the agenda is their refusal to compromise on quality. Whatever Rokker produces has to be the best, and has to push the envelope. Rokker jeans are some of the best motorcycling jeans available but the company also produces great chinos and other casual protective trousers. The Rokker boots are definitely the best quality short motorcycling boot on the market. So much do we like the boots that we keep having them remade exclusively for the UK market.
Here at Motolegends everyone rides in Rokker jeans. In fact, many of us spend all day in our Rokker jeans! If you want the most technical, most stylish and most comfortable kick-ass denim out there, then it's got to be a pair of Rokkers. If you visit us in Guildford we will tailor the jeans for free to make sure they are the correct length and the armour is in the right position. Oh, and their ladies jeans are really worth looking at too. Properly high waisted, extremely protective, comfortable to wear - the ladies Rokkertechs are a real step forward for ladies riding jeans.
We sell the full UK range online with free next day UK delivery or you can visit us in Guildford for a personal shopping experience. We hope you love the brand as much as we do.


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