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Sena SRL-03 comms system - SAVE £56.50 when purchased with a new Shoei helmet



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Sena SRL-03 comms system - SAVE £56.50 when purchased with a new Shoei helmet
Sena SRL-03 comms system - SAVE £56.50 when purchased with a new Shoei helmetAlternative Image1
Sena SRL-03 comms system - SAVE £56.50 when purchased with a new Shoei helmetAlternative Image3
Sena SRL-03 comms system - SAVE £56.50 when purchased with a new Shoei helmetAlternative Image5
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Sena SRL-03 comms system - SAVE £56.50 when purchased with a new Shoei helmet Product Information

The SRL3 is the comms. system that has has been designed by Sena in conjunction with Shoei helmets specifically for the Shoei Neotec 3 and Shoei GT Air 3 helmets. It will also fit the new 22-06 J-Cruise when that helmet is released.
The unit fits virtually seamlessly into the helmet to reduce wind noise and buffeting. You remove a plastic panel from the left side of the helmet, and slide in the three-button control panel to replace it. You do the same on the right hand side of the helmet; this replacement panel incorporates the one-click-to-connect button. It takes just five minutes to install the comms. unit. The battery tucks it a pocket in the back of the helmet. You remove the foam pads to create a space for the earphones. The eps is channelled to accommodate all the wiring.
For many people, a comms. unit is just about listening to music and taking phone calls. Obviously the SRL3 will do this in its sleep but if this is all you want, a non-integrated system will work just as well, and be much cheaper. The downside would be a box on the side that might add some wind noise. After-market comms. systems will also need to be sited slightly further round on the helmet. We would say that the same thought applies if you only ever need to talk with a pillion rider. A non-integrated system won’t look as good, but it will be cheaper, and work just as well.
The SRL3 can be used in Bluetooth or Mesh configurations, according to your requirements. Both the speakers and the microphone are by Harman Kardon, meaning better quality sound, and clearer communication with other riders.
In Bluetooth mode, the system will connect to up to four riders. For more riders, you can switch to Mesh. In both cases, the other riders also really need to be using Sena comms., or brands that are powered by Sena, such as Interphone’s UCOM devices.
There are two Mesh options. Group Mesh enables up to 24 riders to communicate with one another, but in private group that only invited users can join. 
Open Mesh, like a CB network, allows riders to pick one of nine different channels on which to operate. But anyone within range can join the conversation on that channel. In this configuration the SRL3 allows a near limitless number of riders within a five mile range to join the conversation.
If you’re clever enough, you can set the SRL3 up to take voice commands. You can also connect to Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri if you want to try and find the nearest petrol station.
The SRL3 has an FM radio function, but we have rarely found FM radios in comms. systems to be particularly reliable, and so most people wanting to listen to the radio on the bike would do so through the phone.
The talk distance between two riders on both Bluetooth and Mesh is meant to be 1.2 miles. Well, on the flat in the desert, perhaps; but line of sight is the usual rule of thumb.
Sena talks about their comms. having ‘noise cancellation’ capabilities. But really, not so that you’d notice. At 70 mph, the intercom won’t make much of a difference. If you really want to cut out the noise, take the car!
Historically, Mesh systems always consumed the battery faster than Bluetooth systems, but Sena reckon that you will now get eight hours in either mode. The re-charging time from empty is 2.5 hours.
The SRL3 comes with a three year warranty.
You may or may not be aware of the fact that if your buy a comms. unit from the same retailer as you buy your Neotec 3, you can save the 20% on the price of the comms.. If you are coming to the shop, we would normally prefer to fit the comms. to your helmet. We will do it more quickly, and won’t break anything. We can the pair it to your phone/satnav/ TFT. We can also give you a short tutorial on what buttons you need to press, in which order, and on what occasions!
Finally, for those who aren’t into these things. There are two main comms. brands: Sena and Cardo. Even though Cardo have announced that their 3.2 firmware update will allow some Cardo units to communicate with Sena’s latest generation of comms., historically only radio ‘hams’ have been able to actually get the two brands to converse. Easier, we suspect, to work out whether your group of pals is Sena or Cardo, even if this occasionally means dropping old friends and making new ones!


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mesh intercom up to 1.2 miles
  • Audio multitasking
  • Voice command supports Siri and Google Assistant
  • Noise cancellation technology
  • FM radio - 10 preset station memory
  • Fits neatly into helmet
  • Supported by Sena App
  • Harman Kardon speakers
  • Bluetooth intercom supports 4 riders; Open Mesh supports limitless riders; Group Mesh supports 24 riders
  • Open Mesh intercom supports 9 channels
  • Talk time: Bluetooth 8 hours, Mesh 8 hours
  • Charging time 2.5 hours
  • 3 year warranty

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