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Originally published: January 2020



Laminated suits are all the rage right now. And that’s because they do offer, for some, superior levels of functionality. They won’t hold water like drop-liner outfits meaning that, in heavy rain, you won’t feel as cold. And when you get off the bike, a laminated garment will dry out much faster.

Now, frankly, we don’t think laminated is for everybody; and for most people a good drop-liner suit will be nicer to wear. But whereas there always used to be a big price difference between laminated and drop-liner garments, that gap is closing. And fast.

In this review, Chris is his normal, uninhibited self, risking the ire of the manufacturers by telling it the way he sees it. He takes us from the £2000 Nivala suit right down to a new £500 Infinity Pro 2 suit from Richa. In total, he reviews 10 different suits. What comes across clearly, however, is how fast the market is changing. What was deemed extraordinary just a couple of years ago, now only passes for ordinary.

If you're looking for a new waterproof outfit, and are thinking that laminate might be the way to go, you need to watch this review. Just one word of warning. Chris doesn’t understand the meaning of pithy. He tells us he will spend one minute on each of the suit he reviews. On average, he spends three minutes. Pretty soon, his reviews are going to come with an intermission.

Anyway, that not to detract from what he has to tell us. Forty-five minutes listening to what the chap in the cap has to say could well save you many hours on the internet and visiting the shops.




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