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Anderson's belts | Hand-made Italian belts

Anderson's belts have been around since 1966. Anderson's is an Italian family company. They only make belts, and they've been making them in the same factory in Parma for over 50 years. Their belts are made entirely by hand; and indeed making one belt entails the execution of more than 100 separate processes. Anderson's doesn't do mass production. Their belts are crafted by skilled artisans, but to term them 'artisanal' does not to justice to the quality of the end product. These belts are seriously lovely; finely honed, works of art.

We wanted a woven belt, in order to offer motorcyclists the highest level of adjustability. We decided on a braided, stretchy strap, as opposed to braided leather, for the last word in comfort. At 3.5 cm, we went for the widest strap in the Anderson's range. And we wanted their chunkiest, most motorcycling-like buckle. We ended up with one with a brushed chrome plating over a brass casting. To reduce the chances of scratching the tank, we chose leather for the belt loop, the buckle holder and the tip.

We are offering three sizes. The smallest size is 32" to 34", the middle size is 36" to 38", the largest is 40" to 42". Now these measurements are based on your jean size rather than your actual waist size. If you wear a jean labelled as a waist 33", you will want the smallest size. If your jean has a 42" waist, you will want the largest belt.


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