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Belstaff Long Way Up

The Long Way Up adventure saw Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman ride some 13,000 miles from the southern tip of South America, all the way up to Los Angeles. Now, for the trip, the boys were supplied gear by Belstaff. We had a hand in the design of Charley’s new, Gore-Tex technical suit. We had less direct input into the new single-layer Charley jeans. Ewan elected to ride in a heavy Belstaff wax cotton jacket worn over a pair of leather pants. Personally, this is not the route we would have gone down, but Ewan is an A-lister, so we can only assume that looking the part would have played a part in his decision. Both the boys wore the new duvet-style, Belstaff Down jacket that has proved to be the most popular item in the Long Way Up Collection. It’s a great layer to wear under any Belstaff wax cotton jacket. We’ve made videos of all the products in the collection. Now, as always, we try and tell it the way it is. And whilst we are really impressed with some of the gear created by Belstaff, we have not baulked from voicing our reservations. To see all the videos, click here.
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Belstaff Long Way Up Charley Boorman jacket in dark olive

Dave C: Brilliant!

Took a long time researching laminated jackets, watching all of Chris videos to get a feel for what I wanted. I dont live anywhere near Surrey so getting to the shop was never going to happen. The Belstaff LWU jacket fits me like a glove. I wear the LWU down jacket below it, and have to say, after a tour of Scotland and Wales I was lovely and warm and bone dry. The Belstaff quality shines through and the khaki matches my bike a treat. Saving up to buy the bottoms now.

Belstaff Long Way Up Charley Boorman pants in dark olive

Meng: Belstaff LWU trousers

As per jacket review, most expensive trousers I have ever bought it's a class product bought so I don't look like a despatch rider yes limited leg length is a problem for some but I am the perfect leg length

Belstaff Long Way Up Field jacket in vintage khaki

Richard: Belstaff

Love this jacket great for days out