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Held Springride GTX gloves in black


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Held Springride GTX gloves in black
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Held Springride GTX gloves in black Product Information

Inside the motorcycle industry it is widely accepted that the best gloves are made by the German maker Held. Held started out making gloves. Today they make gloves for a number of other brands. Importantly, they are innovators, and not imitators. And indeed the gloves they make often aren’t similar to those you find from other manufacturers.

The Held Springride is perhaps an example of this, because it almost escapes categorisation. It is neither a summer-waterproof glove, nor a winter glove. It is something inbetween.

It has a largely goatskin chassis, albeit this is supplemented in certain areas with layers of soft cowhide. This is a waterproof glove; the membrane being supplied courtesy of Gore-Tex. But perhaps the distinguishing feature is that it comes with what is known as a Thermoplush lining. This is a kind of fleecy material on the back of the hand, and it makes the Springride more than a pure summer-waterproof glove, but somewhat less than a full on winter one. Thinking about it, that’s probably why they named it the Springride. They could equally have called it the Autumnride, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily!

On the back of the hand you get a foam-backed, hard, knuckle protector, with soft foam protectors for the minor knuckles. On the palm there’s a largish pad of SuperFabric to act as a slider should you end up going down the road. There’s concertina stretch banding on the fingers, and on the back of the hand, for added comfort. With two straps, the mid-length cuff fastens sufficiently to fit inside the sleeve of just about any technical jacket.

On the left hand, you get a useful visor wiper. Now, the index finger and the thumb on both gloves is touchscreen sensitive, but we should point out that with a slightly thicker glove like this, getting your phone to respond can be a bit hit and miss!

So who is this glove for? Well, it’s not for the winter commuter. It’s going to be less than perfect in hot weather, but then again many of us have a summer glove for such conditions. I suppose, therefore, that this is a glove for the rest of the year. For many that would be a simple, summer-waterproof glove, but those who nearly always find their hands getting cold may well appreciate the small amount of extra warmth that the Springride delivers.

It also has to be said that the Springride is a supremely comfortable and cosy glove. In fact, it’s a lovely glove to wear and ride in.


  • Goatskin chassis
  • Foam-backed hard knuckle protector
  • Foam pads on minor knuckles
  • SuperFabric palm slider
  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • Thermoplush fleece on back of hand
  • Velcro straps at the waist
  • Hi-viz detailing in cuff
  • Touchscreen-sensitive fingers and thumbs


Held Gore-Tex gloves have a 5 year warranty

Product Reviews


Andrew D-based: These Are Really Good!

This review was heading for four stars but........five it is and for a reason. I went into the shop in May and said that I needed a pair of winter gloves, with a shorter smaller cuff , as my Stadler Treasure Pro jacket has shorter zips than my old Dainese and I couldnt fit my old Dainese Jerichos into into the sleeves. The first thing is that these gloves are really nice to wear and the short cuff works well with my Stadler. Despite the short cuff they have two really good wrist restraints see my Rukka Bartlett review. They were a bit cool at 5C and autobahn speeds on the way over in November, so that is why they would have got four stars as a winter glove. I went to the shop and bought a pair of Rukka Infinium liners for the way back and the combination worked well. However, I realised that this is a spring autumn glove when I looked for the gloves name on the site. For this purpose, definitely five star and with a pair of Infinium or Warm Safe liners, I think these might actually work as a full winter glove. Quality kit!

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