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The Rukka Flexius jacket

Nobody would seriously challenge the assertion that Rukka makes the best quality, most protective clothing in the motorcycle world. But the cost of the technology involved in the jackets like the Armas, Armaxis and Armaxion is a certain degree of discomfort and a large dent to the wallet. The Rukka Flexius is the company’s attempt to produce a jacket with a drop liner. And it’s a fabulous attempt. Still using Gore-Tex, Cordura 500 and all the technologies you’d expect on a Rukka, the Flexius is lighter, easier to wear, more comfortable, and a fair bit less expensive than Rukka's other jackets. Yet there’s no compromise on quality. The Flexius is probably the very best traditional motorcycle jacket you can buy. And for most people, it is a better option than a Rukka laminated garment.

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