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Men's Motorcycle Boots

The first thing to say is that you really should always wear a proper motorcycle boot rather than a trainer, a street shoe, or a hiking boot. A purpose-designed motorcycle boot will have extra protection in the heel, and on the toes and ankles. You will nearly always also get a shank in the sole for extra stiffness, and almost certainly a gear change pad to prevent your toes from getting sore. There are many different styles of boot that are designed to meet different demands. There are short boots for urban riding. Taller boots offer higher levels of protection. Off-road boots are extremely tough, but very heavy. Race style boots, whilst not always comfortable, can be very protective. Leather makes for the most comfortable fit, but unless treated leather does not always offer the most waterproof solution. For riding in the UK, we would always recommend buying a boot with a waterproof membrane.

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