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Ladies motorcycle clothing

Published on: 14 August 2018




Very few of the motorcycle clothing manufacturers put much effort into producing clothing for lady motorcyclists. Yes, the market is much smaller than it is for men, but the reality is that it’s harder to get women’s clothing right; to get it to fit properly, and to work the way it should on the bike. We go to dozens of presentations from the clothing manufacturers every year, and usually the last five minutes is given over to the few styles that have been produced for ladies. Our M.D. is a lady biker, and so we probably work harder to get women’s pieces than do most retailers. But it is never easy. Of course, we make matters worse because we’re not prepared to sell the stuff that looks great but that provides no protection. And we don’t go for all the pinks and purples, the flowers and swirly patterns. We’re always looking for great gear, but we’re disappointed more often than we would hope. Nevertheless, we think we’ve put together a nice collection of clothing that enables us to meet most people’s needs. Click away on the categories below. We hope you like some of the stuff we’ve chosen. Of course, if you want to really find the best gear for you and your riding, you should pay us a visit in Guildford.


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