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Macna Centre heated jacket review

Published on: 25 August 2022

The Macna Centre jacket really is an impressive bit of kit. It’s no substitute for the Warm & Safe jacket because that one generates quite a lot more heat than the Macna.

But the Macna is lighter, easier to use and more comfortable to wear. The Warm & Safe is much nicer to wear than most heated jackets but, in this respect, the Macna is a revelation. It is super thin, stretchy and has no wires. The heat is transmitted through panels of what look like the stuff that space blankets are made from.

Warm and Safe heated jacket lifestyle

The Warm & Safe is warmer, not as comfortable and much dearer.

With some 50 Watts on tap, the Macna Centre jacket generates more than enough extra heat for most of us. It’s only the 5.00 am winter commuter who might find it a little wanting.

But the Macna is much less expensive than the American brand, and that’s partly because you don’t need a separate controller. You can operate the jacket via an app. on the phone. That’s what I did on a recent trip to France. I found it worked really well; I’m no technocrat, but even I thought it blindingly simple to use. And so that’s what I said in my recent video review.

Macna Centre heated jacket app

Controlling the heat via the app. is easier. But there is an even easier way!

But what was later pointed out to me was that you don’t even need that. On the left breast of the jacket, there’s a button. When you connect the jacket to the bike with the lead that hangs down from the jacket and press the button, it lights up.

Macna Centre heated jacket heat levels

Just keep pressing the button and you’ll increase the heat level.

But what I didn’t realise is that if you press the button again the colour changes to signal that you have increased the amount of heat. And by doing this you can access all four heat levels. In other words, it’s even simpler than I thought. Attach the harness to the battery and you’re ready to go.

And it is the simplicity of the jacket that perhaps helps Macna to bring it in so inexpensively. The cost is just £189.99, on top of which you will need the battery harness at £14.99. So, for just a smidgeon over £200, you’re good to go. The Warm & Safe jacket with its controller would set you back around £330.

Macna Centre heated jacket portable battery

The battery pack will give you between 90 and 195 minutes off-the-bike heat.

There’s another reason why some people might prefer the Macna over the Warm & Safe. Because it generates less heat, it draws less electricity from the bike. On a bike of 500 cc or more, the Warm & Safe will not be a problem, but if you’re riding something smaller you might be better off with the Macna; especially if you’re riding at night.

Anyway, that’s it. I apologise for not having given a fuller picture first time round. But all I can say is that if you’re riding at this time of year you should give a heated jacket a go.

They generate heat for your entire journey, so work so much better than any combination of base or mid layers. On a really cold day, you’ll still feel nice and toasty, however long your ride.

Tough guy wearing leather jacket

Old school bikers can’t apparently be doing with all that faff. That’s piffle.

Historically, old-school bikers have complained about the ‘faff’ as an excuse for not wearing heated clothing. (No issue spending two hours in the shed rebuilding a carburettor, but five minutes putting a harness on the battery? Hell no!). But really nothing could be easier than setting up the Macna. It is simple beyond belief; and clearly even more straightforward than even I initially believed it to be. And at £200, it’s a steal. Heck we sell mid-layers that cost more than that.

Chilly morning ride

If you’re freezing cold, you simply won’t be riding at the top of your game.

But the serious point here is this. Being cold on the bike can be a killer. I’m not suggesting that you’ll actually freeze to death in the saddle, but if you’re too cold to concentrate on what’s going on around you, you are fast on your way to becoming a liability, not just to yourself, but to other road users too.

You owe it to yourself to give this jacket a chance. And if you want to try before you buy, come and see us in Guildford. We have a rig here to show you just how warm it is.

By the way, we will shortly be receiving the battery pack that will allow you to stay heated even when you’re off the bike. It’s not on the website yet, but will be going up very soon.

We now have the new Macna Ascent jacket which is a heated down jacket which is an alternative to the Centre jacket. Interestingly it comes in a nicely shaped version in the form of the Macna ladies Ascent jacket!

For more information and to purchase online, click Macna Centre heated jacket.

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