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Richa Rain Flare jacket in silver


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Richa Rain Flare jacket in silver
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Richa Rain Flare jacket in silver Product Information

It was probably a couple of years ago that we decided to de-list every other rain garment. We had discovered the Scott Ergo Pro two-piece suit. It was a bit more expensive than other rain suits, but the Scott was better, and we found ourselves in a position where we simply didn’t want to recommend anything else to our customers. The Scott is incredibly tough, totally waterproof and highly breathable. And because it has a lot of stretch, it can be worn tight so as to avoid all that irritating and noisy flapping that you get with most waterproofs at speed. 

But then we saw the Richa Rain Flare jacket. It’s quite different to the Scott. It is heavier, not as stretchy and doesn’t pack up into anywhere near as small a package. There’s also no bottom half. As a waterproof garment it works well. It’s made with a laminated membrane that is bonded to the inner side of the jacket’s stretchy outer shell. So it’s going to be both very waterproof and very breathable.

But the USP of this jacket is the way it reflects the light at night when a light is shone upon it. It’s like one of those road signs that light up in a car’s headlights. And that’s the difference between the Rain Flare and other waterproofs. It’s just so darned visible. The bright yellow Scott is certainly hard to ignore, but this jacket is in a different league. The way we see it, this isn’t really a Scott alternative. This is a jacket for those who ride early in the morning or in the evening when the light is low. Or for those who need to ride at night. A rain jacket this may be. But really it’s all about visibility. If you want to get seen when it’s dark, particularly when it’s raining too, this is the jacket for you.

This is not a waterproof in the traditional sense. It’s a highly visible over jacket that just happens to be extremely waterproof too. You get two external pockets and two on the inside two. You also get a drawstring adjuster at the waist.

So who is this jacket aimed at? Well certainly if you commute all year round, this is a jacket you need to add to your wardrobe. If you’re a Blood Runner or a courier who delivers packages in the wee hours, our advice would be the same. Frankly, if you’re a weekend rider who tries not to go out in the rain this is not for you. It’s OTT. But for a certain kind of rider this jacket could literally be a life saver.


  • Made from 3M Flare fabric 
  • Stretchy outer chassis
  • Aquashell Pro laminated membrane
  • Two outer pockets. Two internal pockets
  • Adjuster at waist
  • To be worn over a motorcycle jacket so the sizing is your actual chest size

Size Chart

This jacket is to be worn over a protective motorcycle jacket. The sizes below are your chest size in inches taking in to account that this is an over jacket.

Size To Fit Chest
 XS 38-40" chest
 S 40-42" chest
 M 42-44" chest
 L 44-46" chest
 XL 46-48" chest
 2XL 48-50" chest
 3XL 50-52" chest
 4XL 52-54" chest

Product Reviews


Fred: Hi-Viz safety Game Changer

These are great jackets just a little bit thick and I am not sure that the pockets are really necessary. Sizing is great, fits perfectly over my other clothing. For the dark, rainy, cold conditions that we are suffering at the moment this is a great extra layer and comes alive when hit by light. If the jackets were as lightweight as the Scott Ergo Pro jacket this would be perfect.

Jim: Hi vis waterproof

The jacket makes me really visible which is important for me riding during the short days in the NE of Scotland. We also have our fair share of rain and the jacket has performed perfectly during each episode. Being wind proof it has helped me stay warm as a bonus. The elasticated cuffs make inserting gloves a little awkward but I prefer my gloves on the outside, although you need a tight cuff in the wet. I would definitely recommend this jacket to a friend.

Chris: Works wonders, a small but.

Ive used this jacket for about 4 months now through the most awful conditions wet and cold. All I can say is this jacket is fantastic. It Keeps the rain off and eliminates the gap round the neck and the gap around where the jacket finishes as the trousers start. The wind proofing raises the temperature to allow less bulky layers underneath which aids comfort and control. The visibility of the jacket is extremely effective and as a bonus you dont look like an impersonation of a police officer. However the elasticated sleeves are a minor faff when needing to remove gloves. I personally can accept this for the positives due to not needing to remove gloves on my commute but it is somewhat a bit irritating with a gloved hand. I would 100 recommend this to any commuter that wants to stand out and needs a water proof. Just for added clarity I have the Scot waterproofs also and prefer this in every way.

Kornel: Great, but with flaws

Ive been using this for my daily commute for a few weeks now, so have fair idea of the pros and cons. First and foresmost it makes me more visible when riding in the darkness. Ive not actually seen myself when wearing this, but I imagine myself to look somewhat like a comet blazing down the road when wearing this. That is the jackets main purpose for me and that it fulfils brilliantly. Also, being rainproof, its also windproof, meaning it gets very toasty underneath the jacket. I find I can do away with one thick layer underneath when wearing this on top - all good. What doesnt work so well is the collar, which is very stiff and therefore restricts my adams apple somewhat not painful, but verging on uncomfortable at times. Of course you could blame the size of my adams apple fairly large. Worse than this and I would have given 3 12 stars if possible is the situation with the cuffs. They are elasticated, which is fine, though I fear at some point the elastic might give out. The fit is pretty tight, so thats not the issue. The issue is when I have to take off a glove, to pay for petrol say. Getting the glove back under the jacket takes about a minute of awkward manoeuvering and lots of swearing to do. Cant helpp thinking a gussetted zip or similar would have been better. The sleeves are a bit short about 1-2cm for me, but then Im tall - 193cm, but this doesnt generally cause a problem. For what it does in terms of visibility I love this jacket, but it does have its awkward moments.

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