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Scott Ergo Pro DP rain trousers in black


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Scott Ergo Pro DP rain trousers in black
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Scott Ergo Pro DP rain trousers in black Product Information

The Ergo Pro is quite simply the best waterproof over-pant that money can buy. Within six months of taking it on we decided to de-list every other waterproof over-pant we offered because we simply lacked the appetite to offer our customers a second-best alternative. It should probably go without saying that they are extremely waterproof, but they are also very breathable, meaning that you won’t get wet from the outside, or the inside. The secret to the Scotts’ performance is the membrane that is laminated to the inside of the outer chassis. Plastic bags they are not.

But what makes the Scotts so good to wear is the way they fit. The material from which they are made is incredibly tough, but also incredibly stretchy. What this means is that you can wear the pants far more closely to the body than you can most waterproof trousers out there; yet because of the stretch even when you do so they are still very comfortable. Wearing them in a more fitted way also means that they don’t flap in the wind; thus you avoid the noise that one experiences with many waterproofs when you’re riding at speed. 

The pants sit high; in fact they come right up to the chest, and have the appearance more of a fisherman’s wader than a motorcycle pant. They are not sexy looking, but the benefit of the way they fit is that when worn beneath a Scott jacket there is absolutely no way that the rain is ever going to be able to seep under the hem of the jacket and over the waistband of the trouser. Once on, there’s a drawstring arrangement that allows to to tighten the fit. 

Now getting into a waterproof pant, when it’s raining hard and you’re parked up by the side of the road, is never easy. And whilst the Scotts are easier than some there is still a technique that is required. The problem is that the heel of your boot will catch on the hem of the pant as you try to pull them up. The Scotts have longish zips, but a little tip is to carry the Scott stuff sack in a Sainsburys bag. When you need to put the pants on, put the shopping bag over your foot first. The pants will then slide easily over the boot. Then close the zip to fasten the hem of the pant. The hem of the pant is also elasticated to tighten the seal around the shaft of the boot. Remember, though, that on a short boot, the hem may well slip off the boot.

Now, when it comes to sizing, the first anomoly is that you will normally go one size down on what you’d expect. So if you normally think of yourself as somebody who wears a Large trouser, go for a Medium in the Scott. But there is another, altogether more complicated sizing issue that will apply only if you are somewhat longer in the limb department. If you do not fall into this category, save yourself some time, and skip the next paragraph.

The issue is this. There is a long-legged version of the Scott pant, but for some reason unknown to anybody the long-legged version is the ladies’ version. There is no logic or rhyme or reason to this. It’s just a thing. But if you’re a long-legged man you may well need the ladies’ version. Now so complicated and perverse is this that we don’t even list the ladies’ version on the website, because 95% of women will be better off in the standard pant. The main issue is that the ladies’ version is sized in women’s sizes, as you might expect. But most men don’t know their ‘women’s’ size, so we don’t list it. It is simply too confusing. But if you are particularly long-legged, either male or female, phone or email us, and we will tell you the size you need. Complicated or what?

Now, a waterproof over-trouser is something that every biker should carry on the bike, almost regardless of the protective pant they have on. If your riding pant is not waterproof, say it’s a jean, your need for a waterproof over-trouser may be frequent. But if your main pant has a fixed, drop-liner membrane or a removable waterproof liner, a waterproof over-pant worn over them can still play a vital role in preventing the rain from passing through the outer fabric. This will ensure that your pant can dry out much more quickly, but it will also help you stay warmer because if your main pant soaks the rain in, you will lose body heat much faster. Finally, even if you have a laminated trouser a waterproof over-trouser can help you stay warmer because it will offer the added protection of a second windproof/waterproof membrane.

The Scott pants roll into a small stuff sack no larger than an M&S Swiss roll. No idea why this simile came to mind, although as I write this  at about 4.00 pm in the afternoon someone has just brought me a cup of tea, and I would love to have something to make it less wet!

Although the Scott jackets come in a variety of colours, the pants come only in black.

Read our full review of the Scott Waterproofs here.


  • Stretchable breathable, windproof and waterproof DRYOsphere membrane
  • Made of 65% Polyurethane, 35% Polyester
  • Drawstring to. Tighten pant around tummy
  • Reflective elements for added visibility
  • Zips at ends of legs to facilitate ingress and egress
  • Comes in small stuff sack

Size Chart

Scott unisex motorcycle trousers. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

XS31.5 - 33.9
S33.1 - 35.4
M35.4 - 37.0
L37.0 - 38.6
XL38.6 - 40.9
2XL40.9 - 43.3
3XL43.3 - 45.7
4XL45.7 - 48.0
5XL47.2 - 49.6

Product Reviews


Robin: Really good

Really effective leggings as well as light in weight and kept in a very compact bag for carrying. Although I have seen the comment about needing to use long boots I have found that wet Landings can be dry even with short boots if the zips are tight on the elastic cuffs on the legs. So I suggest that the length of leggings can be chosen to be longer than normal if you want to use shorter boots. I also suggest using the waist size as they are not oversized out of the bag.

Malcolm: Nearly perfect

I agree with other reviews, they are too short in the leg dont work with short boots. I rectified this by exchanging the original ones I ordered for a ladies size they are longer in the leg for some unknown reason.

Matt: Great bit of kit

I can see why everyone raves about these, superbly made with taped seams and fit very well. Should have bought some years ago!

Neil: Usability in the real world

They are excellent, prob the best available but with one sticking point . Away in warmer climates is when your likely to need them to go over Kevlar Jeans and short summer touring boots for those higher up passes where weather can change however the trousers ride up the leg exposing the top of the boot leaving your feet to get wet . To rectify it just needs a velcro under boot strap and they would be perfect..

Matt: About as good as it gets.

Nobody likes waterproofs, theyre a pain to get on, a bit flappy, often pretty sweaty and can be quite bulky to carry around. As waterproofs go these are undoubtedly the best, they obviate most of the issues mentioned and keep you dry in torrential rain. I wear high end Rukka, Stadler gear but still climb into these when its lashing down.

DRS: It works

Chap in hat was right again. Rain proof, wind proof, and fit perfectly with no flap. Well made as described. Delivery to USA by DHL was better than any in USA delivery. Will buy from Moto legends again for sure.

Ian: Scott Ergo Pant

These trousers kept me dry during some very heavy rain. However there are a couple of issues that could be simply solved. The elasticated cuffs at the boots could benefit with a closure strap, possibly with velcro, as putting the trousers on involves a lot of hopping about trying to get the zips down to fully seal at the boots without snagging the material. Not easy to do when wearing mc gear at the side of a busy road. Also the crutch seams, whilst holding out the water, look vulnerable to wear and damage. A decent cover over them rather than the tape used would be better.

Nat: Really disappointed

I bought these because of all the reviews and the Motolegends video. I have just come back from 5 days in Wales. It rained pretty much all the time. First the GOOD The elasticated material is great, the high waist is very good and the zips not only work well but dont let water in. They are waterproof. The BAD There are 2 fundamental flaws with these trousers. 1. This is a major defect..........They are NOT long enough. When off the bike with no boots on they reach the top of my foot. When used with boots and on the bike VFR 800 Fi they are not long enough. They ride up and go higher than my boots TCX Hero and water runs down my boot. These trousers NEED to be at least 4 inches longer, minimum. It wasnt just me. All 3 riders had them and we all had the same issue, the trousers ride up. 2. They are NOT breathable. If you spend 2-8 hours riding in the rain like we did you will be dry outside but wet inside because you will sweat and you will be damp because the sweat has nowhere to go and your clothes sucks it up and you will be damp. Its not nice. So what to do ? If I could I would send them back. They didnt keep me 100 dry so they have failed. Given what they cost and I only bought the trousers as I have a Rukka jacket , you can get an all in 1 suit for less than half the price of these trousers that will keep you dry. Furthermore many suitstrousers out there have a strap that goes under your boot to stop them riding up. I accept that anything plastic will make you sweat but we all thought because the Scott suit was a different material it could be breathable. Obviously we were wrong and suggest it is clearly stated in the product description. I will try something else because these didnt keep me dry.

Alan Campbell: Choose the size carefully!

I have just been on a tour of Europe where I rode through some very heavy thunder storms and got absolutely drenched. The Scott Ergo jacket and trousers were fantastic and are undoubtedly the best waterproofs I have owned in many years of riding. Unfortunately I opted for small size trousers which fitted well, were very neat and felt fine sitting on the bike BUT every time I stop and put my feet down, despite the tight elastic cuffs, the legs ride up a little and eventually reach the top of my slightly shorter summer boots where I then get a leak. NOT a fault of the product - I should have taken a slightly bigger longer size so worth bearing in mind.

John: Excellent Waterproofs

These are great waterproofs and well worth the money. They would have got 5 starts, but for one issue. When doing the zip up on the legs the elastic around the bottom is so strong to prevent water ingress the zip keeps getting stuck. A brass rubberised press stood would be really helpful to keep the two sides together.

LandLofSantaCruz: Comfortable rain pants

Like the rain jacket, this is a well made product. It rolls up into a small package and stows in my tank bag. The pants are high waisted so they look a little dorky without a jacket but they do a great job keeping the rain out. The medium fits my 34 inch waist 32 inch inseam perfectly. They fit over my boots without issue and the leg zippers make the pants easy to take onoff. Nice rain pants.

Buttah: An absolute Necessity

These Scott Ergo DP Rain Pants are Simply the Best there are! I have tried others. The feel, texture, the way these hold up are magnificent! I have a white top to go with the pants, and after talking to Chris, ,he guided me into the correct size. I love the high, elastic waist, and close-fitting elastic cuffs. These are Stellar pants made to live in the rain. Worth every penny. Topanga Cyn, CA

Robert Pascall: What else can you say?

This is my second pair of Scott waterproof trousers, which obviously goes with out saying how highly I rate them. I ride all year and all times of the day and night. The trousers continue to outperform any other so called waterproof trousers my a long way. They fit snuggly, are comfortable for hours on the bike and there really do keep you dry. Also great service from the ladies at the Motolegends order office, a 5 star service all round!

Tom Allfree: Great waterproof trousers

These trousers are light, comfortable and fold up into a small space. They are easy to get on and off, and have performed perfectly during several downpours. Essential.

steve: Great

I have had the jacket fpor a few years so this time went for a new set including the pants. Great Fit and work well, so far mostly drizzle and odd hard shower. Stretchable and comfortable. Worth the extra cost over standard packable waterproofs.

J.: Great quality, waterproof

Great quality, waterproof, material feels very good. They come with a practical bag.

Matt Rogers: Scott Ergo pant

not needed to use yet but fits perfectly over Halvarsson Malung trousers.

Barry Collins: I like them

I have only had the trousers on once due to ill health but they fit well and feel like they are quality. I cant wait to get a run out in the rain.

Andy I: Better than most

I wore these for four hours riding from London to Devon in persistent rain. The high waist and adjustability worked extremely well and kept my trousers 90 dry underneath. The other 10 may be due to water running up my leg from a feet-forward cruiser riding position forcing water up the trouser leg. To limit this, I would suggest adding a strap which would clip under the boot to hold the over trouser down on the boot more. Hence only a score of 4.

Russell Gasper: Excellent Quality and Waterproof

Only had to wear these once in the rain, but they were excellent. Easy to get on over long boots, comfortable and completely waterproof. Whats not to like apart from Chriss daft cap of course. Sorry Chris

Floyd: Waterproof waterproofs!

Good kit! Stretchy and easy to wear, one size down from trouser size is good advice and kept me dry during day of irish rain last month. High waist is a positive although the weak elastic at the top meant that regular hitching was required - perhaps a second elasticated drawcord would be more effective here?

Bryn Hughes: A must-have purchase!

I purchased the trousers to complement the Ergo jacket, which Id bought a few weeks earlier. Im absolutely delighted with both! The trousers fit perfectly over my laminated Rukka and there are no comfort issues when on the bike. The long bottom zips make it easier to get your feet in and out of the trousers whilst wearing boots and provide a snug fit once closed. The high waist is a perfect fit and provides enough room to go over my somewhat bulky! laminated jacket. The trousers and jacket were put to the test during monsoon-like rain on a 1.5 hour commute back home on urban roads and motorway. I was bone dry when I got home! Superb piece of kit.

Simon Webb: Totally waterproof

I bought these on a recommendation, and have just used them in pouring rain. They are totally waterproof. Well worth the money and arrived next day from Motolegends, who are always good.

Fergus: Jacket Pants

04.00 Thursday 892022 25 miles in to work, in water up to a foot deep in torrential rain. Arrived dry, warm and laughing...Huge fun, thanks to Scott jacket and pants over budget textiles.

Geoff T: Great product. Be sure of sizing

A great product. Compact, easy to use and totally waterproof so far. Id definitely advise against sizing down as suggested in the product description and some of the reviews. Ive ended up with trousers that are too small over armoured jeans and too short when sitting on the bike.

Dave S: Easy to get on over my big feet, worth the money

Expensive but top quality and work well in terms of keeping you dry and so easy to put on, nice quality including the zips. They give a bit so dont buy them too big, I had a a size smaller that I expected. The packing bags are a bit small, that may be down to me have a large size. Willuse this over my Rukka suit for those long wet trips

Sean: Excellent kit

Purchased jacket and trousers for trip to Norway as alternative to existing Oxford Rainseal set which always felt a bit flappy and bulky. This Scott Ergo Pro kit didnt disappoint...Very good fit with no flappiness and tested on a day of solid rain 10 am to 8pm, kept me dry. Pack down reasonably small. They look much more stylish if thats the right word when talking about waterproofs!! than others so you dont mind wearing them.

Michael T: Such great trousers

Not only is the quality great and the material excellent, but the design is well though out. A high belly area and generous zips for the legs for rushed fitments! are really welcome and add to the premium quality.

Andy Craig: Scott Ergo waterproofs

Im very happy with my purchase of the Scott Ergo jacket and trousers and have found them to be excellent in the rain. I initially got the jacket only because Motolegends didnt have the trousers in stock. However I did find a pair elsewhere in medium and these seemed to be ok but they would ride up my boots. My shorter brother-in-law now has these and I have bought a pair in large which fit my 32 inch legs perfectly.

Chris Edwards: Quality.

Have had the Scott jacket a few years, and now teamed with the trousers is a quality combination. Top service from all at Motolegends.

David Pearcy: Scot Ergo Pro

Proper wet weather rain pants. Used them on a motorcycle tour through Canada and when it rains here it rains. Kept dry through out.

Nick: Top Product

I bought these pants for a 4 day ride in the Peaks, Dales, Pennines etc. We got hit by a couple of biblical downpours. These pants were easy to put on over my summer boots, were comfortable and totally waterproof. They are the first waterproof pants I have ever had which I totally forgot I had on until I needed to answer the call of nature Highly recommended.

Nick Whitcher: Scott Ergo Pro waterproofs

I recently bought the top and bottom half of the Scott Ergo waterproofs. They have been brilliant so far. I have remained 100% dry so far. I particularly like the stretch in the material so its not flapping around when you ride. Excellent bit of kit.

Mick: Wet long ride

Today 14-12-20 I rode just over 300 miles in my Scott ergo trousers and jacket from Coventry to Cairnryan lenght of the M6 ,then A745 ,it rained virtually all the way until about 30 miles outside Cairnryan, left at 4:30am heavy showers ,light rain ,very heavy spray off the HGVS ,we've all been there , can happily report after 5 and a half hours non stop except for fuel arrived in Cairnryan, took off my Scott ergo gear and was totally dry !!!, first time ever , tha'ts driving rain ,heavy HGV spray at a constant 60 to 90 mph for 5 solid hours . Very impressed . Mick.

Michaele: Not Just for Rainy Days!

Havent actually worn them in heavy rain yet but they have been invaluable for damp winter mornings to wear over a pair of riding jeans on the commute. Saves me having to wear bike trousers then change at work.

Paul Reed: Excellent wish they were available in Long Leg

These are great, I already have the Ergo Pro jacket and these are just as good. Unfortunately, I'm VERY tall and after a long ride can slip up and over top of my boots. I have solved this by wearing gaiters.

denis: Waterproof but difficult to put on

I can confirm that these are waterproof having had the misfortune to be caught in a lengthy downpour whilst wearing them. The one major caveat is that the design of the elasticated bottoms makes it very difficult to don the pants in a hurry as they catch on your boots. Youll probably be drenched by the time you succeed in putting them on.

Alex: Excellent item. Lightweight and they work.

They are lightweight and pack up easily, so far totally waterproof. Never travel without them now. Buy the jacket to go with them you wont be disappointed. Not the cheapest but the best.

Bob E.: Best oversuit yet

Im an ex-pat, living in South Carolina, USA. I ride year-round for work and for pleisure. In SC its generally a lot hotter than the UK but it certainly can rain, which makes breathability VERY important. Riding for work includes client visits so I need something thats easy to stow on the bike, easy to get on and off, not going to drip water all over the place, work over my business attire, and of course keep me dry. A tall order in the past. Ive tried a few options but none has ticked all the boxes. I trust Motolegends for their biased-in-all-the-right-ways reviews - Enough that I ordered from the UK to get the Scott Ergo Pro Jacket and Pants. To be 100 open, Ive only had to use the Scotts twice in rain so far thanks COVID-19! but they've proven themselves. Full marks on all my requirements except the getting on and off - but 4 out of 5 even on that one. I cant say theyre better than the best full laminated suits, as Ive not had a chance to try those. Maybe next year, if budget allows eyes on the Richa 2 Pros. However, theyre much better than the drop-liner suits I have, any of the full over-suit things Ive tried, or the frog-toggs I previously used - they were ok, similar in price to the Scotts, but flap about a lot and dont last. If you want small and light to carry, effective, breathable, comfortable, but on a limited budget, I reckon these cant be beaten. If my opinion changes with more use, Ill re-post here.

Ian: Definitely waterproof

Gave these a proper test on this years Dragon Rally which took place during Storm Ciara. Anybody who attended will know just how grim it was. 70 mph winds driving rain and to top it all a hailstorm which reduced speed to 10mph. The journey including diversions for landslides and flooded roads was just over a 100 miles and was the worst conditions I have ever rode in. Not a drop of rain got through these pants, absolutely bone dry. Having been blown off the bike twice on the campsite they needed a wash, I used Nikwax Tech Wash on a 30 degree synthetic cycle and low spin speed which did the trick. Recommended.

Mike Trenery: Amazing

These are great. Kept me dry in heavy rain. Easy to get on over boots. Stretchy so wear tight so they don't bag up in the wind. Small pack size which will compress further. Size is correct. I wear XL leathers and an XL Ergo pant fits over the top perfectly.

Ken Fryer: If only the were in yellow

Water and wind proof, will wear all winter. Easy to get on and off. Would prefer yellow for the winter months. Excellent online service, arrived a couple of days after ordered. Original size too large! i am obviously not as big as I thought ;-) returns and "correct" size arrived within a few days. Just in time to try in the rain.

Brian Wolstencroft: Mr

At last now have a jacket that's 100% waterproof to put over my BMW Rallye suite. Had loads of over jackets through the years but all just not totally waterproof. would recommend and fast delivery from motolegends.

Colin Hitchcock: Mr

I already have the rukka overtrousers, but I prefer these because they are easier to put on and off and the high waistband is really good for tucking your jacket into.

Simon Avery: Excellent

Bought the jacket and trousers for a tour to Scotland. Glad I did. They are worth every penny. I rode for 9.5 hours in torrential rain and was completely dry by the end of the trip. I definitely recommend these trousers and accompanying jacket.

Brett Charles: Brilliant

What a great piece of kit. These trousers are excellent, totally waterproof, comfortable and easy to get on and off. I wore them recently on a bike trip to France and had 12 hours in torrential rain the first day. These trousers and jacket didn't let a drop of rain in plus they are breathable so didn't sweat either. Completely worth buying.

Robert Roe: Simply brilliant

Bought a pair of Scott waterproof bottoms from your showroom on Tuesday and used them in the wet and cold for 100 miles on Wednesday morning-simply brilliant. Thanks Robert Roe

Reginald Allan Blake: Ohh YES!

At last: waterproof over trousers which are waterproof (and I don't just mean showerproof!! Easy access and sized as described. Excellent.

Alison Harvey: Ms

Excellent value, these are well made and so far have kept me dry. I particularly like how the ankle cuffs are snug over my boots.

Mike Searle: 100% waterproof!

Worked well on 2500 mile European trip - 100% waterproof and breathable. Only concern is they do appear to be delaminating - will keep an eye on this over next few uses.

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