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Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof jacket in hi-vis


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Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof jacket in hi-vis
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Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof jacket in hi-vis Product Information

The Ergo Pro is quite simply the best waterproof over-jacket that money can buy. Within six months of taking it on we decided to de-list every other waterproof over-jacket we offered because we simply lacked the appetite to offer our customers a second-best alternative. It should probably go without saying that they are extremely waterproof, but they are also very breathable, meaning that you won’t get wet from the outside or the inside. The secret to the Scotts’ performance is the membrane that is laminated to the inside of the outer chassis.

But what makes the Scotts so good to wear is the way they fit. The material from which they are made is incredibly tough, but also incredibly stretchy. What this means is that you can wear the jacket far more closely to the body than you can most waterproof jackets; yet because of the stretch even when you do so they are still very comfortable. Wearing them in a more fitted way also means that they don’t flap in the wind; thus you avoid the noise that one experiences with many waterproofs when you’re riding at speed. 

At the back of the neck, there’s a drawstring arrangement that allows you to close the aperture to stop rain getting in at the neck. At the back of the jacket, tucked into a small pocket above the hem, is an elastic crotch strap that velcroes into a loop next to the main zip, although if you match the jacket to Scotts’ Ergo Pro pant you won’t need this because the pant come up almost to the chest. Around the hem of the jacket an elasticated band also serves to keep the fit neat to the body.

A waterproof jacket is something that every biker should carry on the bike, almost regardless of the protective jacket they have on. If your outer jacket is not waterproof, your need for a waterproof jacket may be frequent. But if your main jacket has a fixed, drop-liner membrane or a removable waterproof liner, a waterproof jacket on the outside can play a vital role in preventing the rain from passing through the outer fabric. This will ensure that your jacket can dry out much more quickly, but it will also help you stay warmer because if your jacket soaks the rain in, you will lose body heat much faster. Finally, even if you have a laminated jacket, a waterproof outer jacket can help you stay warmer because it will offer the added protection of a second windproof/waterproof membrane.

The Scott rolls into a small stuff sack no larger than an M&S Swiss roll. No idea why this simile came to mind, although as I write this  at about 4.00 pm in the afternoon someone has just brought me a cup of tea, and I would love to have something to make it less wet!

For men, the Scott jacket comes in black, green, grey or bright yellow. The trousers are equally effective, and share many traits with the jacket, but come in black only.

Read our full review of the Scott Waterproofs here.


  • Stretchable breathable, windproof and waterproof DRYOsphere membrane
  • Made of 65% Polyurethane, 35% Polyester
  • Waterproof main zip
  • Crotch strap
  • Reflective elements for added visibility
  • Drawstring at neck
  • Comes in small stuff sack

Size Chart

Scott waterproof jackets. Please note these jackets have stretch and do come up generous.

Check the dimensions below as we expect you to take one size smaller than usual.

These dimensions are your chest size - we are taking in to account a jacket that this is going over!

XS35 - 38
S39 - 41
M42 - 44
L44 - 46
XL46 -48
2XL48 -50
3XL50 -52
4XL52 - 54

Product Reviews


Kevin Jones: Scott Ergo

Recently purchased. Worn once in very heavy rain - Plymouth to Taunton. Worked brilliantly - totally dry. Fits as stated. Great bit of kit.

TonyMN: Definitely the way to go for me anyway.

Used throughout a recent 10-12 day trip down through France, where the rain pretty much kept on coming, regrettably! That said this jacket, alongside the Scott trousers, performed admirably, even in the severe rain often experienced. A breathable garment, which didnt leave me soaked internally, and very easily dealt with everything thrown at it. Unfortunately, due to a rather untimely spill exiting a roundabout slowly in the wet conditions, I came off my bike and the jacket, along with the trousers, are now history. I will be back for more, however!!

Amal: Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof Jacket

Totally waterproof with the trousers in sustained torrential conditions riding back from the Pyrenees. M fit perfectly over a L Trailmaster. Miraculous properties in some parts of France where simply donning the kit at the first sign of rain seemed to dispel the clouds immediately. Oh .fast delivery knowledgeable staff .

Paul C: Looks good

Got some advice on sizing from staff and it was bang on. The jacket looks extremely well made and is comfortable over my jacket. No pockets on this so I guess if you need a wallet or something you going to have to undo and get what you need from your main jacket if you keep it there. Not had chance to wear it in the rain as yet so cant rate its waterproof capability.

Michael T: A second review

Having worn this over my rukka dropliner, its breathable, windproof and totally and uttery waterproof. Simply a brilliant and essential bit of kit. I recently discovered the elastic within a pocket on the interior, for securing round ones crotch.

Gary R: Fantastic but issues

Ive just completed a trip to Pontedera in Italy and beforehand I knew I needed decent waterproofs for this trip due to changeable alpine conditions. I read the blurb and watched the vids and ordered the sizes I thought I needed. My plan was to wear this over a Rukka Nivala, now you may think thats a bit pointless but for me it was about extra layers to keep the chill and rain snow off . I ordered a size smaller as recommended but needed the same size as the Rukka I was going over. Im a 2XL so bought in the end a 2XL Scott. This fitted great, was easy to put on but I did struggle with the neck fit, I couldnt do the zip all the way up. Im quite sure this is me being an odd shape rather than the product being wrong. In anger the jacket works, totally waterproof even with it not zipped to neck didnt flap about, was an excellent wind breaker and also I didnt sweat. I know Ive now got a good pair of wets which I can keep under the seat and theyll work perfectly with jeans and a leather. I did buy the pants as well and thats another story.

Graham: The best Ive bought

As per other reviews, felt like a lot of money to spend on a over jacket considering other brands available for a third of the price, but this is soooo worth it. The material quality and flexibility is amazing, the fit is perfect and I really dont know Im wearing it. Superb.

Stephen: Chap in the Cap is Right

Received my Scott Jacket and pants today in Arizona, USA. I am 510+ and 175 lbs. 43.5 chest. 37 waist below naval. Ordered Medium jacket and Large pants. Tried on over gear. The product is everything Mr. Chris makes it out to be. Stretchy and nice fit. Very happy.

Graham Brown: Using for commuting

This is definitely waterproof and windproof - I previously bought the trousers and this is just as good. For commuting, prefer to not use waterproofs as the suit does a good job - so only uses when it really rains. When it really rains - this suits works and keep me dry completely.. wish I had purchased this earlier.

Martin Wilson: France Trip

July 2023 rode to the South of France to visit friend. Up to 35 degrees heading South - wore Klim Baja S4 suit to keep cool. Return trip approaching Rennes saw rain clouds in distance so pulled over and put on Scott suit - 300 metres down the road heavens opened all the way to Caen - I stayed perfectly dry - I cant recommend the Scott jacket and pants enough, carrying a set with you at all times makes sense.

Trev: Rain Jacket - yellow

Expensive but worth it. Sizing info is correct I went for medium and goes over a large bike jacket - though firm fit. Is waterproof and windproof - I also use it as a cycle jacket. My only issue with it is the strange chemical smell - some preservative I presume.

Herbie: Too good!

This is the second Scott jacket and pant that I have bought after my son-in-law Borrowed mine! Absolutely fantastic kit which has kept me bone dry in even the most torrential rain with out sweating buckets in the typical boil in the bag waterproofs. Ive used them hiking, walking to work etc and would not leave home without them!

Fred: Best in class

Yes its totally waterproof . Yes its blindingly bright and rolls up tight. Yes everything works and seems sturdy. There are other than can do that too. But what really sets it apart for me is how comfortable it is and how wind proof it is. Breathable because I dont feel like Ive shrink-wrapped myself in cellophane food wrap. Flexible because I dont feel like I can no longer reach the controls. To prove it out, I wore the Scott over my Klim Marrakesh and Maverick down jacket in -17 Celsius on a 30 mins bike ride. I took off the Scott on the last 5 minutes the Maverick is somewhat wind proof. I got cold to the point of pain in the last 5 minutes but not during the first 25. But the flex of the jacket didnt diminish with the cold. Yeah its windproof allright, and therefore waterproof!

Hugh: Unbelievably good!

As a motorcycle courier, you dont like spending money on anything other than your bike and I will fully admit I was hesitant buying the jacket and trousers because of the price. Frankly, theyre worth their weight in gold! Riding all day in the hacking rain only to arrive home completely dry is still a novelty to me. Every time I take them off I hear myself say Im so glad I bought these and I mean it. Not even a hint of a wet bum which is a normality for any other cheaper option. My one and only gripe is I find the jacket a little short in the body when Im off the bike. In the saddle, not an issue, and thats all that matters.

Duncan: Does what it says

Waterproof, windproof, comfortable 1 size down, easy to use. Good service from Moto Legends too

David Clark: Amazing water proofs

This garment is very light and rolls up into the small bag that comes with it,and this bag has a mesh side to let it breathe once you pack it away,it is very good as a wind protector too, and being hi-vis helps other road users see you if they look in your direction.

Lima, joao: Fabulous

Excelent on Rain cats and dogs an also on cold .

DRS: It works

The chap in the hat was right on. Totally dry. But what was really important was the added bonus of fitting over Klim mesh jacket for wind insulation. No flap and perfect fit gives me additional season in cold weather.Delivery to US by DHL was quicker than UPS here. Will now buy, delivery not a worry.

Brian: Great product

Really pleased with this waterproof ordered a medium fits perfectly over all my various jackets,also really fast delivery thanks.

David: Scott Ergo top

Recently purchased this Scott Ergo top ,have used on both motorcycle and mountain bike, also dog walking .Definitely stands out in yellow so has a dual aspect ,stay dry and usual great service from Motolegends.

Mark Jones: Scott waterproof jacket and trousers

After buying and using numerous so called waterproof motorcycle over suits that let in water after about 10 minutes,I finally bit the bullet and bought this set of waterproofs to go over my old and tired Halverson Prince and Prime textile suit as they are no longer waterproof and leak like a sieve, so far Im really impressed with them they withstood me riding through torrential rain in storm bibet for an hour and a half without letting a drop through,my jacket size for the Halversons is a 54 so I bought xxl and it fits perfectly not too tight nor too loose and flappy,and over the trousers I bought size xl which are also a fantastic fit although the rubber grip on the long zipper pull came off with the first use but I have since managed to reattach it. Excellent bit of kit although slightly pricey but you are paying for a premium suit.Now just need to save up for a new textile suit!!

KH: It is waterproof, and seems to breathe

I was sceptical, having had loads of jackets over the years, as well as one and two piece waterprooofs. Was thinking about getting another goretex laminate, as last one leaks, but read review of Scott jacket and bought it. Have been through numerous downpours in it, some for hours at a time and I have been delighted at waterproof quality of jacket, plus I didnt get a massive moisture build up inside. I normally get L or XL, depending on brand, but bought M Scott jacket and it fits well. No pockets, which is fine, and no tabs on sleeves to aid pulling it on, but that is okay too. Drawcord at neck is very useful, and neck is fairly high. Overall, very impressive as rainwear, and best I have ever had certainly.

Mark: Awesome Jacket

I bought this and matching trousers to go over my Klim Marrakesh, and as Chris said in his video reviews they are the perfect combination, I love them, totally waterproof and very breathable.

Rotiel: Simply the best waterproofs !

Just completed two difficult eight hour riding days in absolute torrential rain - the Scott jacket and trouser combo kept me COMPLETELY dry - Ive tried a lot of waterproofs and supposedly top notch expensive riding gear that will keep you dry over the last 57 years of riding, but the Scott waterproofs are in a class of their own - superb and highly recommended ! motorcycles

John: Dry at Last

100 keeps the wet stuff out where it belongs. Here in the Far,far North rain is ever present but now who cares! This is an excellent product and should nave been round 50 years ago when I first started riding.

mw3230: Love it

Hi vis, comfortable, wind stopping, and keeps you dry. I sized up to get length so its not the neat fit some may prefer but Im a happy customer

Graham H: Stay dry

Simply the best waterproof jacket - comfortable, no flapping in the wind and keeps the rain out. Perfect.

Robin: Nothing gets through

I have worn this in the recent downpours and no rain got through, even round the back of the neck. Very comfortable however, in hot weather, needs to removed as can get a bit too warm inside. Easy to fold away in its bag and quick to deploy should a shower come you way.

Graeme Johnson: The waterproof jacket

Simply put, its the best waterproof jacket I have used in the last 30yrs of riding. Extremely fast delivery and no fuss.

Liam Kealy: Scott Ergo Pro Rain Jacket

Great jacket, fits well - the Motolegends sizing advice is spot on. It provides an extra heat layer over summer riding gear. Great visibility on motorways. Havent had chance to test it seriously in the rain yet.

Craig Gibbs: Second skin

This is a proper well made waterproof light jacket. I wear it over my halvarsons lysvic jacket and my Rukka nivala- Im a 4244 chest and the medium fits like second skin over top , no flapping about . Great jacket .

Richard Harmer: Exactly as described

I bought this jacket to go over my Goldtop leather jacket as the temperature started to drop mainly to keep out the wind. I took advice on sizing and ordered the medium to go over my 42in jacket and fits great. Arrived within a couple of days. Great service and was confident to make another purchase from Motolegends.

Matt Rogers: Scott ergo jacket

Not needed to use yet but fits perfectly over Halvarsson jacket.

Alex: Effective and breathable.

Having done a lot of research I decided this jacket was the one to go for, following the description from Motolegends and one or two YouTube reviews. I have only got to use it once in anger and it did well. I stayed dry. It is also really breathable. Many jackets are not breathable enough. If I try one on, that is not breathable, I can notice immediately as I begin to sweat. This is not like that. It really does breathe and that is so important. Otherwise you may as well get a bin bag and wear that. You end up drowning in your own sweat! The jacket is also comfortable and reaches down far enough to prevent water from coming in from below... so far. The cuffs were easy enough to get my gloves under so that was not a problem either. I chose the yellow as many drivers do not appear to look where they are going while they are responding to the latest Fakebook comment. We need all the help we can get especially when visibility is poor. It also kept me a little warmer on the ride which was certainly welcome. Motolegends delivery was excellent and with their long time limit for returns makes purchasing from them a favourite.

Code Herb: hoggency clusy

Bravo, seems to me, is a brilliant phrase

martin: 100 waterproof

Put this on as a precaution - forecast gave heavy rains Riding on the motorway when the heavens open up big style ! nearly on hour in torrential rain was bone dry when i reached my destination. My only observation is that there is no tag on the sleeves to help pull the sleeves over your gloves - as shown in the video.

Floyd: Great Scott!

Purchased the Scott top and bottoms to replace a one piece oversuit and they proved their worth on a trip to Donegal last month! Easy to wear and very effective - the top fits snugly over a bike jacket assuming you have the size right and proved comfortable and water tight during a long ride in heavy rainspray. Also usefully enhances summer jacket warmth by being windproof obviously and by dint of the high neck closure and effective cuffhem seals!

Rich Cole: Very Happy

I guess there is no point me banging on about how good the Scott waterproofs are as you can read the other reviews and watch the Motolegends video for that. But I will say that I dont disagree with anything that has already been said. What is important to know about is the sizing, especially if like me you dont live near Motolegends to drop in and try them on! After a call to Motolegends I ended up ordering a range of sizes - M, L and XL. Im 510 ish and have a 44-46 chest and 34 ISH! waist. I wear L or XL in most motorcycle clothing and my Richa jacket is XL. Turns out that the M size is perfect for me. It fits really nicely over my Richa Jacket, not too snug, not too lose and barely any flapping in the wind. The stretch material really helps with fit. I have noticed that my jacket doesnt have the elasticated thumb loops shown in the video review. I have worn them in various downpours -Welsh mountain road tour and dual carriageway commuting and Id highly recommended this waterproof jacket.

Geoff T: All good

As good as promised, well thought out and eell made. Waterproof in one of our recent deluges from Plymouth to the Midlands.

Tony: Fantastic

How motorcycle clothing products have improved! This is a lovely piece of kit, light weight, good looking and very very effective. Buy it and the trousers and just throw all your old kit out!

Rich Cole: As good as they say

I guess theres no point me banging on about how good these waterproofs are! Motolegends review is spot on, both the jacket and pants are very, very good. Read their review, watch their video. I think the most important information is regarding sizing. I ordered 5 items in the sizes I thought might fit! I am 178-179cm 510 on a good day. Chest is generally L or Xl 44-46in most clothing. My waist is generally 34-36 and inside leg 31. My Richa jacket and pants are both XL. I found that the medium size Scott jacket fitted really well over my Richa infinity. Not too tight and still room for comfort, flex and movement and as it turns out virtually zero flapping. Large was a big too bigbaggy! Ill comment on the pants here too - I found that both the M and L pant fitted and were comfortable over my Hood jeans. They both worked on the bike but I opted for the large size as they had an inch or so more length - and you know what they say!!! The extra length was just a bit better for me. Definitely need to try all sizes to see what works best for you - I think they definitely size up bigger than most. If I could suggest a minor improvement it might be to add elasticated stirrups to keep the legs down a bit. All in all, worth the money, and kept me dry and my recent Welsh tour.

Gordon: Excellent quality

Bought 2 XL but found it too big genuine 46 chest XL spot on nice and stretchy. Feels like a quality piece

Michael T: Excellent quality

This gear is great quality and works well. Ideally, itd pack a little smaller but that would entail compromising on the thickness of the waterproof material. I used this and the bottoms over my two piece leathers in summer during some heavy downpours albeit not prolonged and they performed admirably, as well as being quick to get onoff.

Graham: Perfect product review and performance

Only bought from the shop once but suitably impressed with MLs ethos to trust their product reviews and buy several items online since - not been disappointed. Cannot get on with dropliner waterproofing so needed a new overjacket, but which one? Only one answer said ML and they were right. Bought this before a 7-day tour from S.coast England to N.coast Scotland just in case but it was much used whilst England sweltered, we had 5 days of almost continuous rain in Scotland so feel Ive given it a full test. I have previously-waterproof trousers, overgloves overboots but they all leaked slightly - only my torso stayed dry. Brilliant!

Mike: Practical Beyond Belief

Just got back from a Wales tour , early mornings were dry but around 10 degrees then warming up during the day to a high of 18 degrees. This jacket surprised me not by its waterproofness but by its ability to eliminate the windchill and keep my core warm. The change in core temp was noticed within minutes it kept me warm and safe as i was no longer shivering and felt more relaxed as the cold was forcing me to grip the bars too tight and resulted in a rigid tense posture that was hindering my ability to feel the road conditions and all i could think about was trying not to shiver . Wearing this jacket made the riding experience a real pleasure rather than a chore.

Chris: Scott

Bought to replace a medium which had become a bit to tight. Totally waterproof and with the trousers kept dry in any weather.

Michaele: Must be Good - I Purchased it Twice!

Probably the best rain jacket ever made. I had one that got stolen with ny motorbike so this is the second one for me. Folds up small enough to keep permanently in the bottom of a top box or pannier. Ive lost count of the amount of times this has helped, even just as an extra layer when the temperature drops.

Richard: Take a size down from normal

Not had chance to use these yet but worth pointing out that Im a L in the Klim jackets but the M Scott is a good fit with this and still has room to move around in. L was huge!

John: Great over jacket

I wear this Scott over my leather or summer mesh jacket most morning when its cold and on occasion over my Rukka Nivala this is a brilliant over Jacket totally wind and water proof

Mike Davidson: Excellent Waterproof

I wore this a few weeks ago for a 3 hour journey in torrential rain. This jacket kept me completely dry, and helped keep me warm too. Thoroughly recommended for anyone who wants to keep their main jacket dry.

Peter: Great Waterproof Hi-Viz Jacket

As others have reported this is an excellent product. I use it as my external layer all winter. Waterproof, wind proof, increases visibility and keeps my main jacket clean. Whats not to like. There are no pockets. Would be nice to have one small waterproof external breast pocket to hold a credit card for fuel to save unzipping when wet. Apart from that its perfect. Motolegends themselves are excellent. Great service. The best motorcycling clothing shop I know.

Steve L: Great piece of kit

I have worn this a couple of times when riding at night as an extra layer. It is a great fit, easy to put on over my jacket and I really like the polo neck which can be tightened, it really keeps your neck warm. Be aware that the sizing is on the large side. My outer jacket is a large so I originally bought a large size in the Scott but the fit was too loose. Returned and replaced with a medium size which fits perfectly. Excellent, hassle free returns procedure from Motolegends. Only been through a couple of light showers so far but completely waterproof and I am confident it will handle all that can be thrown at it during my Winter rides which is far more valuable than the price you pay for it. Great quality jacket.

Cloudswiper: One extraordinary thing...

OK - youve read the reviews - these are great. I just wanted to add one detail. On three occasions I have been caught out in a downpour and had to pull the Scott over a wet jacket. Each time on reaching my destination some time later I removed the waterproof to find a now DRY jacket underneath! Now thats breathable! I used to get wet from the inside sweat. No longer.

Fergus: 40 years later..

Superb piece of kit..wish I had this jacket when I was a courier 40 yrs ago..definitely buying the matching trousers asap.

Richie: Does what it says on the tin

Its yellow, it waterproof, windproof and the best waterproof over jacket ive ever used. Now to buy the pants!

Alex: Youll be set for work on a fishing trawler!

I bought this jacket with the matching trousers and they're fantastic! Its been raining a lot of late and I've been out on the bike for full days of riding in stormy weather and this jacket is bullet proof, no chance of getting wet. My wife has the same experience with her set. It is an excellent quality product and is a must have. Its worth getting them fitted in store to get the right fit with your gear on. The ladies trousers ended up fitting me better in the end for example. I would have happily given this jacket 5 stars but over the weekend I pulled the tab on the cuff to get it over my new gloves and it almost fully ripped off leaving a hole in the cuff. It was the first time I had pulled on one of tabs and considering I did so rather gently it tore very easily. Avoid using the tabs on the cuffs and everything else is great!

GJW: Stayed dry!

Bought this to go over leather jacket. Went out in terrible down pour, it was like getting buckets of water thrown over me constantly. It kept me dry and cut out the wind. I am so very happy with the product and the service provided by Motolegends. .

James: I finally have waterproof waterproofs.

I bought the jacket in get out of my way hi-viz yellow to use over the top of my drop liner jacket. Not only does it keep the water out, but it doesnt inflate, flap hinder neck or arm movement, or otherwise annoy. What this showed up was that my trousers were not as dry as I thought, so this year i added the trousers too. Similarly just as comfortable. cannot fault them. Of course there is a couple of minutes getting the extra layer on, but they are SO GOOD! I have ridden a full day in the worst the lake district could throw at me, and I was bone dry. I rave about them to anyone who will listen. 100 recommend. And a whole lot cheaper than upgrading to Rukka or similar.

Alan Collier: Top Quality

I have yet to wear the jacket in the rain, only as another layer to keep the wind at bay but have no doubt that it will be totally waterproof. The construction is superb and other motorists will see me coming from half a mile away!!

Rod: Take fitting advice!

Motolegends fitting advice is spot on! Go down a size, e.g. order this jacket and the matching trousers in size L to go over XL jacket and trousers otherwise they would be too loose and flap around in the slipstream.

Alex: Great Waterproof Qualities lightweight

Ive tried a few so called waterproof garments. These are the best. Lightweight and roll up to pack easily. Used a few times now in biblical torrents, stayed dry. Also good for wearing as a wind proof extra layer when the temperature drops. Watch out for the thumb pulls. I managed to pull one of them off when used in a hurry up situation, the thumb pull loops are not strengthened, they are now though!

Robert: Great product

First ride out here in Northern Thailand today and it is the middle of the wet season. I pulled over just before the wall of rain and zipped up the Scott Ergo Pro. Fifteen minutes later I emerged on the other side dry and safe. Best waterproof I have owned. Thank you Motolegends for your great products and service. Great videos too..... Chris deserves a BAFTA.

Mike Trenery: The best I have had

I have tried so many waterproof over clothing but most of it failed. But not this, totally waterproof and comfortable. Pack size is quote small and will compress smaller. Its stretchy so you can wear it tight. Buy this at least 1 size too small as they come large. I am usually an XL and the Large fitted perfectly over an XL leather jacket. I would also suggest getting the pants to go with it. They come up to your chest so keep you very dry.

Ken Fryer: A must for All Weather Rider

It's become a permanent layer over my main jacket. Excellent wind and water protection. Length excellent, makes sure you do not end up sitting in water. Like the "crouch strap" that stops billowing. Zip excellent and high neckline great. I can only report as I find, got order within a few days of ordering.

Colin Hitchcock: Mr

I wear this over my rokker college jacket. Been wearing this a lot lately with the weather as it is, kept me dry and the neck collar is very effective.

Gary Clark: Mr

Excellent and fast service as usual from Motolegends. Have now used the jacket several times, can’t fault it. Very well made and not a drop of water has got through.

alan .: totally waterproof

at last now have a jacket that's 100% waterproof. Had loads of over jackets through the years but some just not waterproof. would recommend and fast delivery from motolegends.

Les Buck: 100% waterproof

The best jacket i've ever used to keep dry. keeps the wind at bay too, so much so i've bought the trousers too

Mike Denning: Amazing quality!

I normally wear a Rukka Nivala Suit which offers incredible weather protection but I bought these for that day when you know you have a full day’s ride ahead and it’s pouring with rain. I bought them because I don’t believe anything is waterproof at 85 mph for 8 hours. Well, this theory was tested recently on a group ride through Belgium aiming for a Eurostar that was located on the other side of a biblical rain cloud! People questioned my sanity. “ Why have you invested in that Rukka suit only to wear that Scott suit over the top?” Well, whizz forward to the end of the day and even those in laminate suits were seriously cold due to evaporation of water from the surface. The Scott suit is brilliant! Light, tight and easy to wear! Easy to put on and kept me totally warm and dry all the day. When your main piece of clothing is critical to your warmth and wellbeing, then this suit ensures that it stays totally bone dry! I love it and carry it all the time!

richard taylor: mr

good product, useful for wearing over a sumer mesh jacket when it rains. Slow delivery is the only weak point about motolegends.

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