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Rokker Revolution jeans in blue

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Rokker Revolution jeans in blue
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Rokker Revolution jeans in blue Product Information

The Rokker Revolution is a single-layer motorcycle jean, but it is a single-layer jean with a difference; that difference being that it’s waterproof. And we mean totally waterproof, because the ‘C-Change’ waterproof membrane in the Revolutions is bonded to the inner side of the highly abrasion-resistant outer fabric. This makes them every bit as waterproof as a £900 Rukka pant, and indeed you can ride in the rain all day in the Revolutions, and not get wet. The only way the wet can get into these jeans is via the two front pockets, so just occasionally you might get a touch of dampness on your boxers. The outer material is made from denim woven with Dynatec. This gives them a pretty impressive slide time of over three seconds. The jeans are super light, and the can best be described as relaxed in fit. But there is a downside to the Revolutions, and it is that, in really hot conditions, they can get a little sticky. And this is because there can be times when the membrane simply cannot cope with the amount of perspiration that is being generated by the rider. What we’re talking about here is temperatures approaching the thirties. But in cooler conditions, and obviously when it’s raining, these jeans are brilliant. The Revolutions do come supplied with D30 armour for the hips and knees, but to get the knee armour in the correct position, you need to order them in the right leg length, because the armour pocket is fixed. The leg lengths are 30”, 32”, 34” and 36”, and we recommend going for a leg length that is a little longer than you would go for on a street jean. Rokker’s Revolution jeans are quite special; there’s nothing else quite like them.

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Please note: These jeans come up small. You may well need a size up from your normal jeans. Size shown in waist/inside leg measurement in inches.

Rated as part of our top 10 motorcycle touring suits.

Find out what makes these Rokker jeans incredible.

Read the story behind our Revolution crash warranty.

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Rokker Revolution Review


  • Classic comfort fit with
  • Zip with rain flap
  • Made of 100% schoeller-Denim-Dynatec (a revolutionary combination of schoeller®-dynatec and denim, thus extremely high resistance to abrasion as well as a genuine Jeans-look)
  • Integrated c_change membrane. This membrane reacts independently to changing temperatures and activities and is waterproof and windproof.
  • Protector pockets made of 100% schoeller®-dynatec (fixed pockets)
  • Official CE tested slide time of 3.15 seconds
  • Easy care (washable at 40 degrees)
  • Delivered in a Rokker presentation box with removable D3O-protectors

Please note these jeans should be washed with a cleaner without detergent (we recommend Nikwax) as the detergent will attack the adhesive in the tape that attaches the armour pockets.

Size Chart

Rokker Revolution Men's Jeans. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

25 64
26 66
27 69
28 71
29 74
30 76
31 79
32 81
33 84
34 86
36 91
38 97
40 102
42 107
44 112

Product Reviews


stan: Exceptional service

Loyal customer who appreciates good service and good price! Exceptional jeans at very good price! Looking forward to shopping again!!

Mike B: Great jeans

Great for keeping out the chill and cold, windproof and waterproof, yes they may get wet, but nothing gets through. Very good quality material, stitching and finish. True to size, like all jeans tight fit at first but relax and loosen when worn.

Neil: Brilliant

After a lot of thinking I decided to go for it with these jeans. They are excellent, great fit I went just 1 inch up on my normal waist size havent tried the waterproofing.

Julian Rayner: Less Carpet layer

Ive had two pairs of these and use them for adventure bike riding. I didnt like the carpet layer cargo pants look of normal adventure clothing and these look more like a regular jean. They also go over my boots , include armour protection for knees and hips, are waterproof and windproof and most importantly they make you look a little less padded and less motorcyclist when off the bike. Great quality.

Sebastien: Best of the best

Great jeans really comfy and light no opportunity to test them properly and had to return them as the length was a little short on the ankles for me 32 for 6 ft 2 ... bad decision on my side. As per the description on the website, the waist in really tight Im a 38 with most jeans and with these even a 40 was a little tight. Definitely worth the money and with no stock around I'm prob not the only one thinking the same !

Roller Revolution jeans: Happy.

Bought these not knowing what to expect,but I am glad I did,really comfy and look good yet another fine purchase from Motolegends.

Graham: Unique and practical

I purchased these for touring, as they are the only jeans offering both genuine protection and genuine waterproofing neither quality has yet been put to the test! As others have found, the knee protectors are too high, so I've reverted to my strap on protectors. These jeans lack the style of another make of biking jeans I own, being very baggy at the thigh but only just wide enough at the bottom to go over my boots. Nevertheless, they are comfortable on the bike and I'm glad I purchased them for those unique protective and waterproof qualities.

Chris: Unbelievable

Wow... buy these first then you can save money buy not having to buy anything else. Come up long but then whilst riding they sit perfect.just turn up when off bike. 2nd pair of rokker jeans and really wish I had got these first. They are actually waterproof... more so than claimed other gear. Expensive... not really if you buy only once . Great product great sales team great shop

William D: 2nd pair

These are my 2nd air of Revolution jeans - only because the 1st pair shrank during COVID and no longer fit - as have a lot of my clothes! Brilliant kit and so versatile being waterproof. Highly recommended.

Mike Trenery: Very nice indeed.

Expensive but worth it. Although I have not tested them sliding down the road I expect they will do a good job. Armour is excellent and thin. These jeans are comfortable and look good. Take the armour out and these are fine for going out in. Saves packing an extra pair of jeans. Decent fit.

FILIPE SOARES: Best pair of jeans

Best pair of jeans, mostly confortable, light, stylish. It´s the second pair I have.

Andy Taylor: Worth Every Penny

I spent 18 months deciding to buy these jeans as I find textiles too hot in the summer. I used them in 2018 from April until October which is quite something in this part of Scotland. They were comfortable in 30 plus degree heat on a Europe trip, and after one 270 mile jaunt in pouring rain remained totally waterproof. In fact I barely used any of my textile kit during the nearly 11000 miles I travelled in 2018. They are also very comfortable both on and off the bike. Expensive but worth every penny.

Jim Hunter: Mr

Like several other reviewers I did find the price a bit of an issue. However, I did finally take the plunge last year about a week before a trip to Denmark, on my ’82 Katana, 1300 miles during the hottest month of the year! Possibly not the best decision (the jeans need a bit of wearing in), but as it turned out it was a good one. The jeans were great apart from the knee protectors being a bit low. This was resolved when back home with the help of the ML Team. Since then they are my first choice of riding jeans even through the winter for those sunny but cold run outs. Pairing these up with an Halvarssons jacket and their waist-belt-zippy thing is no problem. Thanks go to Maria S and the rest of the ML Team for fantastic service.

Steve Hembley: Best riding jeans ever!!!

Just the best! Sara at Motolegends advised me throughout the pondering/buying process. I bought the size she suggested (lower by two inches... I'm 44" and I bought 42") and they fit like a glove (well like a pair of jeans actually but you know what I mean). The jeans are just soooo cool in this heatwave we are having in UK(currently 32 deg C). However; the wife still refuses to believe that the jeans are twice as strong as leather. I can thoroughly recommend jeans and vendor!

Michael Reilly: Mr

Like previous reviews, the cost of these jeans had put me off even trying them on. Let's face it; £350 for a pair of jeans is a little eye watering! And there lies the issue. The Revolutions may look like like jeans and they may feel like jeans, but they leave your 'normal' pair of jeans on the starting blocks. I have now been wearing my Revolutions for 8 months and have tested them in the rain as well as hot weather. They are simply brilliant and so comfortable I can wear them all day without any discomfort. These 'jeans' are a top quality protective garment and this is reflected in the price. As the old saying goes; the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!

Dion Cassidy: A1******

Best pair of bike jeans I’ve ever bought, does what they say on label....

Michael Paterson: Mr

Very comfortable and light compared to my two different branded jeans(no names no pack drill) Passed the rain test with flying colours two weeks ago after being caught in a downpour. Service as usual very speedy,no fuss.

Fen T: Great Touring Pants

I have had mine for a year, and I continue to be impressed. I wear 31" jeans, and the 31" waist fit me perfectly. I like the way the 32" leg is actually a 33", to give some coverage of boots. Comfortable over a wide range of temperatures, and although I can vouch for their keeping light rain out, I haven't worn them in a downpour, yet....

Andrew Molloy: Mr

I ordered on Sunday afternoon and had them by Tuesday afternoon. They have become my go too riding trouser in all weathers. They have kept me bone dry in torrential rain on the motorway and are cool when the weather heats up. You can feel the membrane working in the early morning when it's initially cold it doesn't take long for my legs to feel warm. Equally, they breath when its hot. I've worn them all day to travel to various race tracks and walk around in all day in comfort. I can't recommend them enough. I hesiatated for a year at least due to the price but they are worth every penny.

Leon Thomas: Mr

I am please with the Rokker Revolution Jeans . as they do what they say. The service at the shop is also excellent.

Steven Chamberlain: Waterproof! Yes really!!

Just came back from a 200 plus mile ride in and around the Yorkshire dales. I'm the muppet who turned out in a pair of jeans and a belstaff short jacket😊 Chucked it down on and off all day. Still dry! Amazing.

paul cookson: mr

what can I say,went to the isle of man for the T.T.with one pair of jeans,(rocker) and gave them the full test,wind cold,rain,and some sun and they never let me down. These jeans are smart to go out in a really good fit. All I need now is the motorcycle to go with them !

Robert Sharman: Product review

First things first these are not cheap jeans. They are very comfortable to wear,fit really nicely,you don't notice the membrane inside. Very waterproof without the bulk of over trousers. Worth every penny especially with the replacement guarantee offered by Motolegends. Can't recommend enough.

Andrew Porter: Brilliant - best buy for ages

I'd had a picture of them on the notice board for about a year trying to justify spending this much on a 'pair of jeans'. They are much, much more. Wore them throughout a 2000 mile Scotland trip in all weathers. Put a pair of waterproof over trousers on once, but to be honest I didn't need to. Comfortable, good armour, look good and well worth the money.

Mark Sibun: Rokker Jean Review

Great product! My partner is a costume maker and knows her onions, eh?! After a full scrutiny she gave a knowing nod! Deal done.....

Mark Mowbray: Waist Size

Be aware that I wear size 34" waist trousers but the Rokker size 34" are definitely tight on me which has prompted me to loose weight so its not all bad!

Mike Blayney: Mr

I was looking for a pair of decent kevlar,or similar, protective jeans. There's lots out there and it's very confusing! Bottom line is that the Rokker Revolution jeans are very well made, comfortable and certainly waterproof. They breathe well too. Size is on the button. I'm a 35" waist and 34" inside leg and the 36x34 fits well. If you're in between sizes then I'd go next size up. If you're tempted to add 2" to the length then in my case 36 was too long and the knee protection too low. The 34" came over my boot even with leg flexed, so no water in my boot. They're expensive but I think they're worth it.

David J W Stewart: Revolution / Evolution ?

I found it difficult to believe jeans were worth £ 350. Heard again and again that these may well be and felt I had to see for myself. They are unbelievably light and feel great when on. They fit like Levi's 501 and for me. that meant taking 1 size up from my normal trouser size - they seem to size 1 - 2 inches less than stated. That apart - they are superb !

Andrew Marshall: Mr.

Expensive but worth every penny. Very impressed with the finish of the jeans. They feel just like a normal pair of jeans but are warm, waterproof and with high protection. Sizing is accurate giving a comfortable fit. I ordered the jeans at a busy period during the Christmas season however Motolegends were prompt to dispatch my package and it arrived as stated on the email. Great service.

Fergal Power: 10 out of 10

Received these amazing "Jeans" about a month ago from Motolegends with their usual excellent service. I have to say I was a little skeptical that they could live up to all the claims. But so far they have! I've ridden about 1000 miles in them and they have proved very comfortable (once worn two or three times), very wind proof (even for long periods at brisk motorway speeds), just might get a little cool in the crotch area after a while on the bike in cool temps. I'v only been out in the odd light shower and had no problem so far, still carry a wet trousers in the top box just in case, but not sure it is necessary. I ordered my regular jean size 34 / 32 and they were a perfect fit, if just a little snug initially, probably due to initial material stiffness and the odd pie too many, The material is stiff so dont this they will loosen very much. They have a highish waist line but this works well especially if you wear short jackets like me, such as the Bellstaff Mojave. The knee and hip protection feels reasonably substantial and is very comfortable. There is no denying that they are expensive, but in my opinion well worth the money. I have other leather and textile and riding jeans / trousers, but haven't worn anything else since getting these. Highly Recommend.

mark broadhurst: Rokker Revolution jeans

Used these on a trip from the Uk to Sardinia and back from 12 to 30 degrees. Fitting is perfect to the sizing for mens but the women's sizes are miles out to normal women's so we returned two sets. These are very comfortable to wear and use and look like normal jeans. Had to use liners in cold temperatures but were comfortable in hot temperatures and had to use over trousers on a day long rain ride. These are not water proof in prolonged rain and got wet twice. But were ideal for the odd shower or rain riding into sun to dry then into rain again. Not the best trousers for a long touring but idea for those days when you just don't know whats going to happen.

Michael Pope: Pricey but superb

If you have ever had the misfortune to crash a motorcycle in normal jeans you will understand that these jeans represent (to me) a justifiable expense. Having the gravel removed by a (very nice) nurse using a nail brush means that protection for both my Girlfriend and I is paramount. These jeans as others have said are comfortable and waterproof (Saturday of August bank holiday), they look like “normal” jeans when out and about and just “work” on the bike. I hoped that the Halvarssons waist zip would work with these jeans, unfortunately while the zip works with my Rukka jacket the loops do not line up with the jeans. This doesn’t represent a criticism of the jeans and is just an observation, the jeans are great, pricey (expensive) but incredibly well made. The first pair that arrived while labelled as 30” leg were actually longer, Motolegends dealt with this quickly and efficiently sending the (30” measured) trousers overnight. Superb service.

Elwyn James: Worth Every Penny!

I had been thinking of buying these jeans for a long time but they are brutally expensive and life got in the way. I finally took the plunge and I can honestly say they are probably the best bit of riding kit I have ever purchased - and I have been riding for over 35 years. They are far more comfortable than kevlar lined jeans, the armor is unobtrusive and I have ridden through some pretty heavy rain without getting wet. Highly recommended!

Keith Dennison: Great riding jeans

These are, yes, expensive, but they are a really great pair of riding jeans - certainly the best I have had. They are surprisingly thin which makes them flexible and comfortable to wear. I have worn them on hot, 28C, days and cool, 10C, mornings and they have managed to feel pretty comfortable in both temperatures. I have not yet ridden in hard rain, but the odd bit of light rain and drizzle has not come through. The D30 armour seems to 'disappear' once it is warmed up, again, making the jeans very comfortable to wear. On top of that they are well-cut, stylish and really wouldn't be spotted as riding jeans. As they say, maybe the only pair of jeans you'll need for spring, summer and autumn.

Ian Cartwright: Worth the money

Without doubt the most comfortable pair of bike jeans I've had. A 4 day trip to Wales in June (wettest June ever) proved they are totally waterproof, they dry very quickly overnight as well. As so light, great for sitting around at coffee stops and they look normal. Good in hot weather. Hopefully they will last for years but I would buy again when they do give in.

Derek Wiltshire: Mr.

These are brilliant. Absolutely waterproof and very comfortable. Loving the Rokker stuff and buying more of it

Adam Barnett: More than just a pair of jean

At nearly £350, it took me quite some time to gather the courage to shell out on a pair of these...but when I did - no regrets! Imagine being able to wear your favourite pair of Levis, but knowing you've got the protection of leather, and the waterproofing of textile. An all day, every day, pair of jeans. Forget the price tag, you'll only ever need to buy them once.

Antony Oaten: Product Review

I bought a pair of these jeans after your recommendation, I thought they were expensive, but actually they are definitely worth the cost. Extremely comfortable in any weather, totally windproof yet incredibly breathable. These are one of those rare products which are actually better than claimed, I'm very pleased I bought them as they have literally transformed my riding pleasure., thanks!

Bill Lawrence: Product Review

Fifth pair of bike jeans I've had, and the first that have everything I want: good fit (true to jeans size), great look, all-day comfort on or off the bike, and great protective features. Waterproof is a bonus, and my wife likes the box! Worth the cash - I wish the price hadn't scared me off when I first heard of Rokker!

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