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Rukka Offwind Infinium GTX gloves


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Rukka Offwind Infinium GTX gloves
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Rukka Offwind Infinium GTX gloves Product Information

Now we’ve all heard of silk inners. They are basically sheer, inner gloves made from silk or sometimes something that wears like silk. These gloves are very thin, and they work on the basis of friction. As your hand rubs against the silk, the friction generates heat; and this extra heat helps to keep your hands warmer.

These new inner gloves from Rukka look like silk gloves, but operate in a totally different way. They are made from ‘Infinium’, which is Gore’s new name for Windstopper. What this means is that the gloves, which are made from a combination of Polyester and Elastane, are bonded to a windproof membrane. And so, when worn inside an outer glove, the effects of wind chill will be reduced. Will that make them more effective than silk liners? Well, that depends on the conditions and the gloves in which they are being worn. There won’t be such a ‘friction’ effect but, there again, a silk fabric will do nothing as far as prevent cold air reaching the hand. But the fact is that, whatever outer glove you are wearing, this inner glove will serve to keep your hands warmer.

Now, there’s another potential benefit with this glove. And it comes down to the fact that a windproof membrane is also a waterproof membrane. In essence, a membrane goes from being a windproof one to being a waterproof one when the seams that join the panels together are taped. And what this means is that these inner gloves are going to give you a degree of waterproofing as well. Now worn inside a waterproof glove you might not notice the benefit in this regard, but worn inside your favourite summer glove, you can turn those gloves from the kind of gloves you’d only wear in the very warmest of conditions into a pair of gloves that you can wear when it’s colder and wetter.

Now don’t get carried away here. This is not a way of getting a pair of proper waterproof gloves on the cheap, but it may be worth carrying a pair with you just in case. Let’s say you go out one Sunday morning. It’s a warm and sunny day. But you end up coming home later than anticipated. Your summer gloves will not give much protection from the cold. Slip these on, and life will improve dramatically. Especially if it then rains! A pair of these kept on the bike are going to come in handy more than you could ever imagine.


  • Inner glove made from Infinium
  • Infinium is a windproof membrane
  • A windproof membrane will reduce effects of wind chill
  • A windproof membrane will also deliver a degree of waterproofing
  • Glove contains 8% Elastane for comfortable, stretch fit
  • Will increase temperature in every type of glove
  • Will deliver warmth and waterproofing to summer glove


Rukka gloves have a 2 year warranty

Product Reviews


F D: 7 degrees

Just for kicks I drove with these on just one hand in Alpinestars GP Tech gloves in -3 C for 1.52hours, heated grips turned off. There was about a 7 C difference between my two hands one with and one without this glove as measured by an IR thermometer right after we the ride. So they make a difference! They wont turn summer gloves into winter gloves but they will stretch summer gloves into Fall before it rains. Also, Ive had them for a year now and theyve kept their shape and dont cause any creases inside the glove. Nice workmanship Rukka and thanks Legends!

Andrew D-based: They Make A Difference

Bought these in the shop after riding over from Germany in November - my hands suffered a bit on the way over and adding these on the way back definitely improved things. More effective than the Icebreaker merino liners, I think. Will definitely use them in winter if I dont use the Warm Safe liners.

P Jacques: Nice

I normally use a silk under glove, but these are better at keeping my hands warm.

Martin F: Good addition but not amazing

Comfortable, and a good fit at my usual size. Definitely helps reduce windchill and keeps my hands a bit warmer than without them, but not enough for me when its really cold I think I need heated gloves when its near 0!

Mark: Belt Braces

As you would expect, excellent quality and advantages over merino or silk. Great for spring and summer early morning or evening rides when the temperature drops or it chucks it down. A get me home solution and no need to carry a spare pair of gloves.

Bob Carter: They Just Work

I have tried many undergloves previously and these are just the next level. Great quality, just that little bit of stretch to ensure super fit, not too thick and offer just the right amount of additional warmth to warrant use. Add to that the Rukka quality and you will not be disappointed. Sizing is important. For me it was one size up on glove size for snug fit.

Martin: A must have piece of kit

A great fit even under my Lee Parks gloves. I used them the other day when it turned cold later on and these were worth their weight in gold. So much better than the silk ones I had previously

Gordon Simm: Add a season to your gloves

Very well form fitting gloves with a smooth slinky surface. As such they are very easy to slide into another pair of gloves, keep you warm and dry and are the layering solution to motorcycle gloves.

Steve Thorndale: Excellent Addition To My Kit

What a great addition to my riding kit. I measured my hands and ordered the size 9 gloves. They fit like a second skin and are nice and stretchy so dont take up any extra room inside my gloves. I used these in a temperature of 9 degrees C. It was too warm for my heated gloves , but just a tad cool for my Rukka Virium gloves on their own. Wore them on a 4 hour ride and my hands were the perfect temperature. I'm keeping them in the bike for when they're needed again. Great recommendation, Thanks!!

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