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Warm & Safe Heated Gloves Liners 12V


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Warm & Safe Heated Gloves Liners 12V
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Warm & Safe Heated Gloves Liners 12V Product Information

Comfortable, light and thin, these heated glove liners will keep you toasty warm. The heating element runs around the edges of the fingers and hand, this can either be powered by the bike or an auxiliary battery. Whichever you choose, you will need a controller and a few wires, detailed below, to make the gloves work. As they work by adding 11 watts of heat to your hands, you no longer need to worry about having big, thick, ungainly gloves that make you lose the feel for the controls of the bike. Instead you can wear your favourite gloves and simply rely on the heating element to keep you warm rather than bulk padding. You will need a small amount of room inside current gloves to get the most comfortable fit. They work best with waterproof gloves as the wind-proofing will keep the hot air inside the gloves, but if you wanted, you could use them to raise the temperature of a perforated summer glove too.


If you are not planning on using the gloves with a Warm and Safe Heated Liner, or Heated Base Layer, then you will need a Long Splitter Cable to link the gloves to the controller. If you are going to pair the gloves to a jacket, the jackets come pre-installed with connectors in the sleeves for the gloves, so there is no need for the long splitter cable. As mentioned above, a controller will be required to regulate the temperature of the gloves. A Dual Remote will allow you to control the temperature of the gloves and a jacket independently. A Single Remote will only give one level of adjustability, meaning the jacket and glove will share a temperature adjuster.


Read our editorial about how to stay warm on a motorcycle.


  • Warm, lightweight and thin
  • Fits under most riding gloves
  • Develops 11 Watts of heat per glove
  • To be used in conjunction with a Warm and Safe Remote
  • Low profile element and COAX connector for comfort
  • Velcro wrist closure

Size Chart

Warm & Safe Glove Liner size chart: Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.


Product Reviews


Robby: Game changer

Setting of from work in. Cold frosty mornings is a new experience no more cold thumbs will definitely be getting the bace layer

Stuart G: Much better than I expected

I added these after first trying the heated base layer and my expectations were not very high. I was wrong, they are well made, comfertable and keep your digits toasty warm. I even tried them in 3 degrees with fully ventilated summer gloves and they just coped which impressed me no end. I use the Richa Ghent glove normally and it makes for an excellent combination. I found the sizing advice a bit off as it had me down as an XL and I am normally a medium. I went to the Warm and Safe website and downloaded their size chart where you print out and lay your hand doen against a scale and on there i was a medium. I have heated grips on my winter bike but as i hold the grips quite lightly they are not effective and do nothing to keep your digits warm. The glove liners do a much better job of keeping your hands warm.

Terry: Toasty

I have some incredible gloves, heated grips, past years handlebar muffs now I have luxury toasty luxury. Recently done 800 miles in around 8 degrees most high speed motorway work in the North of uk with summer perforated gloves only by choice with these under gloves underneath on 30 power then the other morning 50 mile commute at 6 degrees still at 30 in late September.. All I can say is bring winter on I am ready THANK YOU.

Mark: Nice fit, good heat output

I bought these to replace a pair of Keis heated gloves that are nearly 10 years old. These are a nicer fit although the others might be better now. They are also a higher wattage. Although I checked beforehand, the two ecosystems are not quite interoperable. These use 5.5 x 2.5 mm DC plugs and sockets. Keis use 5.5 x 2.1. With suitable adapters they seem to work well together and WS can be run at lower settings on the Keis controllers for the same temperatures. Like everything, only time will tell how they compare in terms of longevity. Ive done numerous repairs on the others and if these are no more difficult to keep going, I shall be perfectly happy.

Arunas: Warm and practical

- Four heated clothes - two heating zones. It is possible to combine any garment into any zone, regardless either 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 But in any case, it is difficult to pair the garments to get similar comfortable temperature at various temperatures and various riding speeds, e.g. gloves + jacket +10C speed at 100km h - too hot for the hands if the body is ok, -5C in the city - hands are ok, but too hot for the body. It would the best to have one clothe per heating zone. - The idea to have heating clothing as close as possible to the body looks fine theoretically, but it is not the case in practice. It is heating wire inside, not a grid. It does not distribute the heat - it burns in places. You want to feel like ambient heat. For this reason, a thin underwear is necessary under the heated clothing. - It is underwear. You need to wash it often, otherwise it starts stink. Wash a wired jacket and socks by hand in cold water after each ride? ... very uncomfortable. - Gloves. Heats perfectly. It is very convenient not to have to faster a helmet, crepes, and etc. with bare hands and put on bulky winter gloves only when starting to drive. Heats up perfectly, but I think they are not long lasting? The 12V socket is connected to the heating cord with flex power wire, it can be touched in a glove. Gloves are very thin and you keep bending it. Whats wrong? Heating wire is elastic, everything is fine with it, but the electrical wire breaks, metal fatigue - physics. Ride heating in on sudden light sting glove heating stops to work. Thanks Motolegends, your service is fantastic as always sent me new pair. However, I am sure how long its will work. Its not true that you can put on your favorite non-winter gloves on top of heated undergloves. You need slightly larger gloves. Your size gloves press the heating cords of undergloves too close to the skin - it starts to burn It feels great where the heating wire passes. Would I buy again? Everything is OK, but I would probably choose usual heated gloves.

Norton: very comfortable

The inner gloves work very well in keeping hands warm all over. I needed an outer glove one size up to get the best fit with the liners in as I like to have close fitting gloves. The liners themselves are easy to get on and easy too plug into the jacket. The advantage of liners is that you are free to then use your preferred outer gloves, just make sure they fit with the liners.

Paul Evans: Excellent.

Totally effective and comfortable under normal sized gloves. No problem paying for fuel or fastening a D.D ring helmet strap without removing them. No need to unplug from the jacket either so very easy to use. Sorted!

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