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Segura Garrisson ladies jacket


New ladies Garrisson jacket from Segura


The Segura Garrisson is made from a super-soft and incredibly comfortable fabric that is known as Serica. Yet despite this, the jacket is rated AA under the latest EN 17092 regulations. And that’s as good as it gets for a textile jacket. The jacket comes with a fixed waterproof membrane and a 90 g. removable, thermal inner jacket. As you would expect, the jacket is equipped as standard with CE armour in the shoulders and elbows. There’s a pocket for a back protector, although it doesn’t come as standard. There’s lots of nice detail on the Garrisson. You get a ribbed collar, a double front zip, four pockets on the outside and two on the inside, zipped cuffs and hip adjusters. It’s pretty cool-looking too.






Video review: retro motorcycle helmets


Earlier this week, Chris and Billy got together to review what the motorcycle market currently has to offer in what we would term the 'retro' helmet sector. The problem is that, if you ride a modern, retro machine such as a Kawasaki Z900RS, BMW R nineT, Moto Guzzi V7, Ducati Scrambler, or Triumph Bonneville, helmets with aggressive aerofoils, sharp angles and lairy race graphics simply look wrong. For some time now, we've been after a bang-up-to-date, smooth-domed, lightweight, feature-laden, retro-styled motorcycle helmet. Many manufacturers have had a go, but none has, to date, cracked it. In this review, Chris and Billy talk through the main contenders available on the market today, but also talk about an exciting new, retro-styled helmet from one of the biggest players in the motorcycle helmet game. To roll the tape, click below.





Segura Jefferson jacket
Segura Jefferson jacket


The Segura Jefferson jacket has landed


The Segura Jefferson is a lightweight, urban-style jacket with slight military overtones. It’s made from a cotton twill lookalike material called Twiltex. It comes with both a fixed, waterproof membrane and a 90 gramme, removable, thermal liner. CE-approved armour comes as standard in the elbows and shoulders; the jacket has a pocket for a back protector. For convenience, you get four outside pockets and two on the inside. Details abound on the Jefferson. You get waist adjusters, side gusset zips, zipped cuffs, vents and a high, adjustable collar. If you’re looking for a stylish, urban jacket that’s going to keep you both safe and protected from the elements, then you need look no further than the Jefferson.





Richa Typhoon GTX ladies glove
Richa Typhoon GTX ladies glove


The Richa ladies Typhoon glove.
Exclusive to Motolegends


The Typhoon GTX is a really nicely-fitting ladies’, summer, waterproof glove. It is what some would call a two/three season glove. It comes with a waterproof membrane; in this case a laminated Gore-Tex membrane. Bonding the membrane into a glove gives a better feel on the controls and a slimmer profile, but a bonded membrane will also prevent wetting out. The fact that the Typhoon has a membrane means that it's not an out-and-out summer glove although, in truth, it would have to be a very warm day indeed before these became unwearable. The gloves have no insulation, so they're not designed for the cold, but with heated grips you could certainly get away with these gloves in the late spring and early autumn. The glove is constructed from a mix of a textile material called Nyspan and leather. There's a layer of digi-print leather on the palm for extra grip. You also get a shock-absorbing pad for the heel of the palm. The knuckle protector comes courtesy of D30. The wrist fastens by means of a Velcro strap. Various stretch and concertina panels make the Typhoon a really comfortable glove to wear. We like the fit, and this should certainly be a very waterproof glove. The index finger comes with a visor wipe, by the way.





Bering Carver jacket


The new Bering Carver jacket


With its softshell outer chassis, the Bering Carver is very much an urban jacket. It’d be fine for short, weekend excursions, but it’s not the kind of jacket you’d wear for long-distance touring. Not that you couldn’t wear the Carver all year round, because it comes equipped with a waterproof membrane and a removable, down-style jacket. CE armour comes as standard in the elbows and shoulders; there’s a pocket for a back protector, but it doesn’t come as standard with the jacket. The jacket has vents for riding in warmer weather. On the outside of the jacket are four pockets; on the inside you get an extra two. The sleeves have a zip adjuster with a button closure, whilst for night-time visibility the Carver has discrete 3M reflective panels.





Richa Ghent GTX gloves
Richa Ghent GTX gloves


The Richa Ghent GTX glove


The Ghent is a rare commodity in the world of motorcycling gloves. It is a full-on winter glove with a short cuff. Normally a winter glove has a longer cuff; a summer glove will have a shorter one. But if you simply prefer riding in short gloves, the Ghent is a glove that is going to allow you to do so through the winter. For warmth, the Ghent uses both Thinsulate and Primaloft. The waterproofing comes courtesy of Gore-Tex, and in this instance the waterproof and windproof membrane is bonded to the leather to prevent the glove from wetting out. The main knuckle is covered by a D30 soft protector. The palm consists of overlaps of leather for added abrasion resistance. The back of the hand features more of a textile material that is known as Nyspan. Concertina stretch bands at the tops of the fingers allow for easier articulation. You also get small protectors on the minor finger joints. A visor wipe is built into the left, index finger. The problem with most short gloves is that the wrist closure allows cold air to pass into the hand, but the Ghent has a really nice ribbed cuff for added draft exclusion. Is this the most wintry glove on the market? No, but if you want a short, warm and waterproof glove your options are limited. If these are your criteria then, yes, the Ghent is probably the best.





Segura Cannon jacket


Segura Cannon jacket now in stock


The Segura Cannon is a lightweight, urban-oriented, classically-styled, retro jacket. It is made from a cotton canvas that has been treated to give the fabric a worn and used patina. But it is still, in every respect, a fully-equipped biking jacket. It comes fitted as standard with CE armour in the elbows and shoulders. The jacket will take a back protector, but it does not come as standard. For wet conditions, the Cannon has a waterproof membrane whilst, for the cold, it has a removable, aluminium-lined, inner jacket. You get no less than five different pockets on the outside, adjusters for sleeve volume and for the waist. The sleeve ends close by means of zippers and buttons. What we really like on the Cannon is its lowered back panel, that will ensure that it covers the waist of your jeans. This is a very cool bit of kit, at a price that is pretty much unbeatable.







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