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Of course, it does all feel a bit surreal right now. All of the shop staff have been furloughed until we’re allowed to open the shop again. Some others, those who can, are working from home. But there’s still a skeleton crew here taking customer service calls, booking deliveries in from our suppliers, and sending packages out to customers. Of course, here in the building we are all obeying the rules on distancing and so on. We are living through frightening times, but whilst we would never do anything we weren’t allowed to, for companies like us a frightening prospect also is the notion that, when we get through this, we won’t have a business to come back to. We are here because we feel we have to be, and there are hundreds of thousands of businesses like ours up and down the country. The government announced a huge package of measures to help small businesses, but already we have discovered that nearly all these schemes come with unworkable  or untenable strings attached. It’s why, for us, we are trying to make it business as usual, to the extent that this can ever be the case. Anyway, in this Pussycat bulletin, we write to tell you about new gear that has come into the building in the last few days. If there’s anything that catches your eye, call the Orderline on 01483 407500, or visit the website.


Klim Aggressor base layers


Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 base layers


Klim’s latest Aggressor Cool -1.0 base layers represent the ultimate solution for hot-weather riding. They’re super stretchy and amazingly comfortable, but what sets them apart is the fact that they are made with a unique, engineered fabric known as Coolcore. This fabric does not contain chemicals, so its effectiveness will not diminish over time. The material is very finely grooved, and this brings with it three benefits that help to make the Aggressor Cool -1.0 layers so effective. First, the fabric promotes the wicking of moisture away from the body. Second, it helps spread any moisture in the fabric around the body, in order to prevent wet patches, say, under the arms or on the chest. Third it aids evaporative cooling. This is the same evaporative cooling you get with an expensive cooling vest. In essence, rapid evaporation serves to draw heat from the body, thus cooling the body down. If you’re going to be riding somewhere hot, and your riding is going to make you even hotter, this is the underwear you need. We do two shirts and a full-length pant. To watch our video review, click here. To go to the product page on our website, click here.





TCX Street Ace


New perforated TCX Street Ace Air boot


We recently filmed a review of the best short motorcycle boots on the market. If you want to watch that review, click here. In that review, we cite the TCX Street Ace as the reference trainer-style motorcycle boot. It’s got protection in all the places you would expect it to have protection. It is as comfortable to wear as a motorcycle boot will ever be, and it has those understated looks that make it look more like a piece of footwear that you bought on the high street than at a motorcycle store. New for 2020 is this brown leather perforated version. It’s not  a waterproof boot because it’s been designed to be worn in hotter weather, and obviously a membrane would impede breathability. To see the full range of Street Aces, click below.





Klim Kodiak suit in black


Klim Kodiak suit now available in black


The Klim Kodiak represents the American company’s most serious attempt yet to produce a suit for the road rider. The Badlands has, for many years, been Klim’s crossover suit, by which we mean a suit for wearing both on and off road. It was, and is, a compromise. Yes it’s a great suit, but for serious off-road work the last thing you want is a laminated membrane. Whilst for proper on-road riding it was too boxy and loose fitting. The Kodiak is similar in concept, but it was designed very much with the road in mind. Yes, it has an adventure bike look, and yes it has loads of vents And adventure-style pockets, but this is a suit designed for those who spend 95% of their time on the black stuff. We love the suit. It’s got the best of everything, and the sheer detailing beggars belief. We originally chose to do the suit in blue because, frankly, we get a bit bored with the ubiquitous black that most outfits come in. But it looks as though the rest of the world perhaps disagreed with us, because the blue colourway has now been discontinued, to be replaced by the ever-popular black! The reason we talk about this suit in today’s Pussycat is because the black version is now in stock. If, by the way, you want to watch our video review on the Kodiak, click here.





Shoei J-Cruise 2 helmet


The new-for-2020 Shoei J-Cruise 2 helmet


Shoei has launched an upgraded version of the J-Cruise; somewhat imaginatively, but rather understandably, they’ve called it the J-Cruise 2. It’s a better helmet in lots of little ways. The same concept, but with improved functionality. You can read about it in full by clicking here, but you can also watch our video review by clicking here. Right now, it’s only available in white. Other colourways will become available soon.





Lab Ratz helmet display stand


Lab Ratz helmet display stand.
Exclusive to Motolegends


For years we’ve had this idea about creating some kind of fun, yet practical, helmet stand. A lot of bikers love their helmets. They want to look after them. They want to look at them. And they quite want everybody else to be able to look at them too. We had this notion of a skull of some sort. But the challenge was to create a skull design that wasn’t too macabre. We got to discussing the concept with a customer who also runs a design agency. He liked the idea and ran up some sketches. We loved the concept they came up with. The Lab Ratz, as they are called, can easily be screwed into any wall or vertical surface, and just about any helmet in any size will sit nicely on top of the skull. The skulls are made from Polyurethane resin. We’re expecting our first delivery at some point in April. So, if you like the idea of a Lab Ratz or two for displaying your helmets, get in touch soon.





Failsworth Newsboy caps


Failsworth. A new collection of ‘Newsboy’ caps


We’re not normally ones to run away from higher-priced stuff. We never pursue lines because they’re more expensive, but unsurprisingly the best gear does often tend to cost a little bit more. Well, we’ve been selling Stetson caps for a few years now. We love the brand and its rich heritage, and without a chest full of Stetsons at home I wouldn’t be the ‘Chap in the Cap’. But not long ago we came across a UK-based company that makes a very similar range of caps. We had a meeting with them. The caps, in many ways, looked almost identical. We certainly couldn’t discern any difference in quality. But here’s the rub; even though this company uses fabrics like wax cotton from Halley Stevenson and genuine Harris Tweed, these new caps cost about half what one would expect to pay for a Stetson. When it comes to protective wear, we would never pursue a cheaper route just to save a few bob, but we’re talking about caps here! The brand, by the way, is called Failsworth. And here you can see the 11 caps we have initially gone for. They’re all on the website. And just so that you are forewarned, the prices you will see are not Sale prices; these are the actual retail price! We hope you will approve.





Klim Baja S4 suit


The Klim Baja S4 suit


The Baja S4 suit is new from Klim for 2020. It’s a serious off-road suit for the serious off-road rider. It’s got no waterproof membrane and it’s got no thermal. But what it does is flow air like no other suit. It’s made using large swathes of Schoeller Dynatec micromesh. This flows huge amounts of air, but unlike other mesh fabrics it maintains huge strength. Stretch Cordura panels mean that the suit is supremely comfortable to ride in. But you also get SuperFabric panels for abrasion resistance for any riding you find yourself doing on the black stuff. Let us be clear. This is not the suit for the adventure bike rider who wants an authentic look.  If that’s what you want, there are more appropriate bits of kit out there. This is not a suit you’d commute in. It’s not a suit you’d go touring in. This is an off-road suit, albeit with the protection you need for the road sections that connect the trails. We’ve made a video about the suit that you can watch by clicking here. If you want to check out the spec. in more detail, click below.





Belstaff McGee and Roberts jackets now available in black


New black Belstaff McGee and Roberts jackets


The McGee and Roberts jackets are technically not new. They were released at the beginning of 2020, but we ran them both in green. We loved the subtle colourway, but we are now pretty much sold out of both jackets. And so we’ve decide to take it on in black. Whilst these two jackets are different from a styling perspective, they are pretty identical from a composition and construction point of view. Both are made from a British Millerain wax cotton that has been produced for Belstaff, and that is known as ‘Wax Cotton Matte’. Now some Belstaff wax cotton jackets have an extra backing liner for added strength. These two jackets don’t. They are made from a waxed cotton that is woven with a much stronger fibre. Now this fabric didn’t work very well on some Belstaff jackets when they were first introduced. The wax was not absorbed by the synthetic fibre, and this left a greasy texture on the surface. Well, that is now sorted, and the slightly duller finish on these two jackets looks fantastic and very authentic. All the details are much as you would expect, and if you want to check the spec. out you can find it on the website. But, in essence you get a waterproof membrane, D3O armour in the elbows and shoulders and so on. Neither comes with a thermal layer, which suits us. Just wear the layers you like. Anyway, both jackets are in stock now and are ready to roll.






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