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Schuberth Motorcycle Gear

Schuberth Motorcycle Clothing

Schuberth is a German company that has been producing helmets for more than 90 years. They are probably our favourite helmet maker, and that's because they make the best designed, highest quality helmets for real world riding. Schuberth is obsessed by noise reduction and wind tunnel testing. As a result, the company's C3 Pro helmet is officially the quietest motorcycle helmet in the world. This is partly down to the fact that it is a flip-lid helmet, meaning that the neck-roll doesn't have to be flexible enough to be pulled over the widest part of the head. A tight fitting neck roll means less wind noise. It's a brilliant helmet that gets even better when fitted with its integral comms. system that is also the best on the market. Schuberth's S2 Sport is a full-face helmet that is aimed at the sports-tourer rider. It just happens to be quietest full-face on the market. Schuberth's M1 is a revolutionary, open-face helmet, with integrated earphones and microphones that allow you to talk without the need for a microphone boom.