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Spidi Motorcycle Gear

Spidi Motorcycle Clothing

Spidi was founded in 1977 by Renato Dalla Grana, and today is run by his son Nicola. The company’s first products were gloves, and in 1979 the company achieved its first global success when Kenny Roberts won the world championship. At the end of the eighties, Spidi stated to produce other protective clothing. Spidi is the smallest of the three main Italian brands, but we are of the view that their designs, the quality of the components they use, and the way they are constructed, put them in a different, and certainly more stylish, league to the other two global players. motorcyclist; and this they did under the Pure Motorcycle Collection sub-brand. Arguably, there's no cooler motorcycle clothing brand out there, although the company's greatest strength  is still its wax cotton jackets.  Their gear is as well made and rugged as any you will find. It is proper, as Guy Martin would say. But it is a premium brand, and it is priced accordingly. The company moved into Austrian hands in 2011.