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Lee Parks DeerTours PCI gloves in black


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Lee Parks DeerTours PCI gloves in black
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Lee Parks DeerTours PCI gloves in black Product Information

These may just be amongst the best motorcycling gloves ever, so take a few minutes and listen to why we would make such a claim for a pair of gloves that don't, at first sight, even look as though they were designed to be worn on a bike.

First lets talk about the deerskin and elkskin from which they are made. Now most gloves are made from cowhide because it is relatively cheap; it is also readily available in countries like China and Pakistan, where most gloves are made. Deerskin and elkskin, by contrast, are really only available in the US.

The basic structure of these gloves is 2.75 ounce, US deerskin. This skin is buttery soft, yet it is substantially more tear and abrasion resistant than any cowhide. In vulnerable areas, such as on the knuckles and the palms, there is a extra layer of four ounce elkskin. Elkskin is quite simply the strongest hide you can find. The result is a level of abrasion resistance that almost no glove out there can come close to matching. Yet try a pair on and you'll find them to be the most comfortable motorcycle glove you've ever put your hands in to.

But, you might reasonably think, a pair of gloves like this is really only appropriate for summer riding. You'd be wrong, though. These gloves are fully lined with Outlasts unique Phase Change material. Basically, when you get hot your body naturally releases heat. Outlast absorbs and stores that heat. And then, when you cool down, the stored heat is released back to the body. Its not quite black magic, but it does explain why these gloves provide comfort across an incredibly wide temperature range; from 2°c, right down to 24°c. The Outlast lining also makes these gloves particularly useful for those who ride with heated grips, for the heat actually transfers to the Outlast on the upper side of the glove, to keep the entire hand warm, not just your palm.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to the construction of a glove that is safe for motorcycling is the number of seams and stitch holes. Because decorative features are often a consideration for a manufacturer, you can find that, even on a single finger, there will be as many as four separate seams. Well on a Deersport gloves, there are just four seams on the total glove. Fewer seams means greater strength and integrity.

The downside is that you don't get as many gloves per animal, which is why the gloves aren't cheap, but if that's the price for a better glove, so be it. The final, yet no less important, factor in making the perfect motorcycling glove is the type of thread you use. DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre thread is perfect in some applications, particularly with textile garments, but it can be too strong for a leather glove and, under pressure, it can cut through the material like a hot knife through butter. But these Deersport gloves are constructed exclusively with two strong Nylon threads in every stitch hole. The spacing of these holes is calculated to give the greatest strength to the seam, but the double threads give just the right amount of elasticity to ensure that the seams only fail when it becomes necessary.

We could go on and discuss whether hard knuckle protectors are really the safest option for your average road rider, but we wont. Let it just be said that the people at Deersport think that hard protectors can do more harm than good.

The last thing well tell you is that a pair of Deersport gloves will last a lifetime. Over time they'll get ever more comfortable, and the fit will simply mould to your hands. Simple as these gloves may look, they sure contain a lot of technology and engineering finesse. Try a pair, and you'll perhaps see what all the fuss is about. Oh, and by the way, the gloves are hand washable and, unlike most leather gloves, they wont harden up after washing.


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  • 4oz elkskin and 2.75oz deerskin
  • Outlast Phase Change lining
  • Dual threads in seams
  • Seamless palms
  • Trimmed and ironed internal seams
  • Four-seams in entire glove
  • Double layer elkskin on knuckles
  • Elasticated wrist with velcro strap
DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.


Size Chart

Lee Parks gloves. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page. Keep in mind that both deerskin and elkskin will stretch quite a bit so if you are between sizes it's best to get the smaller size.

XS 7.5
S 8.5
M 9.5
L 10.5
XL 11.5
XXL 12.5
3XL 13.5

To find your measurement click here to print out a PDF glove measurement guide.

Product Reviews


Mark Stride: Product Review

As you say these are brilliant gloves!I have worn these on cool spring days of 12 deg and upto 21 deg and they work.Not too hot on warm days and nice and warm on cold days. Outlast is superb.The leather is great and is soft so you can feel the grips and levers well.Simply the best gloves I have ever worn. My partner has a pair too and they are the only gloves that work for her due a her circulation not being good. In winter with heated grips they will be be great too. Pretty much a year round glove in UK.

Frank Miskimmon: Product Review

Fantastic Gloves,the best I have ever wore,I like them so much that will get a pair of tan ones also and for the wife a pair of PCi black gloves,A great product,thanks. Best Regatds Frank

Bon zo: Understated Comfort.

I've left it a few months before I stuck a review of these gloves, but I knew the minute I put them on that they were right for me. I suffer badly with cold hands but these are really doing well for me. I haven't even needed the heated grips too much either. Beautiful soft leather with no loss of feel. No comfort robbing carbon knuckles, snazzy graphics or power ranger bling, just a great fit. Feels like your own skin has suddenly got thicker. Down side? £150! If you can get over that (like I have), they could be the best bike glove out there.

Mark Vidler: Mr

So comfortable and so unlike all those gloves with space age tech. The stitching and leather are really first class.

Philip Goddard: Product Review

A great pair of gloves, worth every penny. Neither too hot or too cold and once they're on its like a second skin, you don,t even know wearing them.

Vic Bates: Deertours pci gloves review

I’ve accumulated a large collection of gloves over the years, many of them more expensive than these Lee Parks Deertours pci gloves. I fell into the trap of buying hi-tech, high protection, stylish, big name gloves. I’ve been doing it all wrong! Believe me, these gloves are by far the most comfortable and best fitting I’ve ever bought. They’re hand made in USA from elk skin and deerskin which is the softest leather I’ve ever come across and apparently it’s also the toughest. I did my research before buying them, but don’t take my word for it, just watch the reviews on youtube and checkout website for yourself. I was advised to buy them a bit tight fitting as they stretch to fit, this advice was spot on. Within just half a day they fit perfectly, like a second skin. They feel fantastic, I can feel all the switches and buttons on my bike perfectly, I can’t even tell there’s an Outlast liner. They’re not cheap for a plain looking pair of gloves and you could buy the cheaper Deertours without the outlast liner, but I highly recommend the Deertours pci gloves to anyone looking for multi-season all day comfort. Try them yourself, you’ve nothing to lose, but I think you’ll love them.

Stephen Calder: Does what they say on the tin

Worn for the first time yesterday in 5 deg. c. With Oxford heated grips on full my hands stayed warm throughout. We rode through two heavy downpours and I was surprised to find my hands remained dry too. Unexpected as they are not waterproof. Very comfortable gloves that are not too thick as to lose feeling either. Highly recommended.

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