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Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof jacket in hi-vis


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Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof jacket in hi-vis
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Scott Ergo Pro DP waterproof jacket in hi-vis Product Information

The Scott Ergo Pro waterproof jacket is quite simply the best we have ever come across.

There are some great waterproof, touring and commuting suits on the market, but however good your suit is, however much it cost, there’s still a great case to be made for equipping yourself with a waterproof outer jacket. And that’s because, in heavy, heavy rain your suit will get wet, and the wetter it gets the colder it is going to make you feel. It doesn’t matter that you’ve spent a fortune on the most expensive, Gore-Tex Pro Shell jacket; there are still times when you’re going to benefit from a set of waterproofs. And this is for two reasons.

First is that if your jacket is wet, the wind chill is going to dramatically lower the temperature of the water swilling around in the jacket, making you feel even colder. Okay, you will be better off in a laminated jacket in this respect than you would be in a drop-liner one, but a laminated jacket still gets wet. Put on a waterproof over your jacket, and your jacket won’t even get damp. A dryer jacket will keep you feeling warmer.

The second reason is that a waterproof outer jacket is also a windproof jacket, and in the extreme cold a waterproof can easily raise your core temperature by five degrees or more. It’s why savvy bikers will don a waterproof on a cold day, even if it’s bone dry.

Now, historically, a waterproof has always been one of those impulse, buy-one-when-you-need-one purchases. You ask the man in the shop for a one or two-piece. He’s got one at the counter; it’s so cheap you don’t give it a second thought. You buy it. But the truth is that, like helmets, gloves and everything else to do with motorcycling, you can buy good ones and rubbish ones. The suit that we like isn’t a rubbish one. It’s not even a good one. It’s a bloody brilliant one, and that’s why it’s now the only waterproof outer layer that we offer. Hand on heart, we feel that recommending anything else is just a bit shabby. The suit we’re talking about is called the Ergo Pro, and it’s made by Scott. Scott’s an American company. They make some nice gear, although there’s nothing else in their range that does it for us. And so from their entire range this is the one item we take.

The starting point is a really stretchy, impossibly strong outer material to which is bonded, or laminated, a waterproof membrane. This is no cheap, boil-in-the-bag affair. Totally waterproof it may be, but it’s also really breathable. The stretch material means that we wear it pretty tight to prevent to prevent it from flapping in the wind. But, as we’ve mentioned, it’s also an incredibly strong fabric. In theory, I suppose, you could puncture it, and if you were to do so it would rip. But we’ve never seen it happen, and certainly nobody here is strong enough to tear it.

For a waterproof jacket, however, it is also laden with lots of lovely little details and features. At the neck, you get an elasticated cord to tighten the neck aperture. At the sleeve ends you get little loops that help you pull the sleeve end over a gloved hand when one hand already has a glove on it. Sounds a bit esoteric, but it’s actually an incredibly thoughtful touch. There’s also a strap that comes from the back of the jacket, beneath the crotch, and attaches to a loop near the main zip. It keeps the jacket firmly in place, and prevents rain wicking up under the hem. Useful, but unnecessary if you take their matching pants, because their equally impressive low half fits like a fisherman’s waders and reaches halfway up the chest. And both the jacket and its matching pant come in little stuff sacks that allow them to be squeezed into a pannier or a tank bag

So, a question. Is a two-piece, waterproof solution better than a one piece? And the answer is yes. First because it’s actually easier to put on a two piece. But secondly because there are times when you will feel you need to put on a jacket but not a pant. It’s your core that you need to keep warm, so the jacket is more important. Plus, of course, our legs don’t tend to get as cold, perhaps because of heat from the engine, or a fairing. The way we see it, the humble waterproof is one of the most under-rated garments in a biker’s wardrobe. If you ride in leather, and or jeans, you simply shouldn’t leave home without a good set of waterproofs. If you ride in a drop-liner, waterproof suit, a waterproof outer will turn it into something that performs better than a laminated jacket. And even if you’ve got the world’s best laminated suit, something like the Scott will help you stay warmer. The jacket, by the way, comes in black or yellow. And we reckon the yellow version will pass muster as a hi-vis jacket that is now mandatory if you’re riding in Europe.

Of course, as you probably realise by now, this isn’t the cheapest waterproof jacket on the market; it may even be the most expensive, but in the way of things, it’s not a costly item. And we cannot think of any other item of motorcycle apparel that can make such a difference to your riding comfort for such little money. Don’t cut corners. Spend a few quid more, and get the best.

A couple of points on fit. Go for a size down on your normal size. If you normally wear a medium sized motorcycle jacket, go for a small Scott. If you’ve got really long legs, you’re going to want the ladies’ version. There’s no logic to this, but that’s the way it is. Problem is that the ladies sizing grid is too difficult to explain. Best really, if you need a longer leg, to email us with your statistics. We’ll then tell you the size you need.


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  • Stretchable breathable, windproof and waterproof DRYOsphere membrane
  • Made of 65% Polyurethane, 35% Polyester
  • Waterproof labyrinth closure system
  • Safety belt
  • Reflective elements for best visibility
  • Adjustments at collar and cuff
  • Complete with a transportation-bag

Size Chart

Scott men's motorcycle jackets. Please note: Sizes available are shown on the product page.

XS 35.0 - 36.6
S 36.6 - 38.2
M 38.2 - 40.2
L 40.2 - 42.5
XL 42.5 - 44.9
2XL 44.9 - 47.2
3XL 47.2 - 49.6
4XL 49.6 - 52.0
5XL 52.0 - 54.3

Product Reviews


richard taylor: mr

good product, useful for wearing over a sumer mesh jacket when it rains. Slow delivery is the only weak point about motolegends.

Mike Denning: Amazing quality!

I normally wear a Rukka Nivala Suit which offers incredible weather protection but I bought these for that day when you know you have a full day’s ride ahead and it’s pouring with rain. I bought them because I don’t believe anything is waterproof at 85 mph for 8 hours. Well, this theory was tested recently on a group ride through Belgium aiming for a Eurostar that was located on the other side of a biblical rain cloud! People questioned my sanity. “ Why have you invested in that Rukka suit only to wear that Scott suit over the top?” Well, whizz forward to the end of the day and even those in laminate suits were seriously cold due to evaporation of water from the surface. The Scott suit is brilliant! Light, tight and easy to wear! Easy to put on and kept me totally warm and dry all the day. When your main piece of clothing is critical to your warmth and wellbeing, then this suit ensures that it stays totally bone dry! I love it and carry it all the time!

Les Buck: 100% waterproof

The best jacket i've ever used to keep dry. keeps the wind at bay too, so much so i've bought the trousers too

alan .: totally waterproof

at last now have a jacket that's 100% waterproof. Had loads of over jackets through the years but some just not waterproof. would recommend and fast delivery from motolegends.

Gary Clark: Mr

Excellent and fast service as usual from Motolegends. Have now used the jacket several times, can’t fault it. Very well made and not a drop of water has got through.

Colin Hitchcock: Mr

I wear this over my rokker college jacket. Been wearing this a lot lately with the weather as it is, kept me dry and the neck collar is very effective.

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