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Best motorcycling products for 2024

Lots of retailers seem to like putting together emails or videos about their top five or top ten products. I think one might term these communications 'crowd pleasers'. They are relatively easy to put together, and even though they tend not to be particularly thought provoking, they do, I suppose, potentially help motorcyclists to sort the wheat from the chaff.

But not always, and sometimes when we read or watch these reviews we feel a more accurate title might be something along the lines of 'the top five lines we cannot sell, and are desperate to get rid of'. Quite simply, some of the products that are featured in these reviews just aren't very special at all!

As ever, here at Motolegends we like to do things a bit differently.



In this video, we really wanted to highlight what is, in our view, the very best in motorcycle apparel. That doesn't mean the stuff we're going to be talking about is necessarily the most popular. There might even, in some instances, be products that perform better from a functional perspective than the ones we have chosen. What we have tried to do is pull together a number of products that, yes, we are personally drawn to, but ultimately we've only included in this review those pieces that have worked for our customers too.

There are occasionally products we fall in love with, only then to discover that customers don't, perhaps because they prove unreliable, uncomfortable or just bothersome in one way or another. All of us here have our own favourites, of course, but I can assure you that if our customers don't agree, if products start to fail, if our customers don't like riding in them, and if they simply don't work on the bike, we'll go off those items pretty darned swiftly! You won't find those products in this review.

And so the gear we are talking about today is gear that, for one reason or another, we like. But you can be confident that it's also gear that our customers like, gear that has proven to do what it's meant to do.

Just because we thought it sounded fun, we've titled the video the 'Top 24 products for 2024'. Let me make a couple of observations about this. Well, first, the video should more accurately be called the 'Top 24 products of 2023', but in 2024 nobody will want to watch what appears to be an out-of-date. So we went with 2024. I would also point out that, because of the title of the video, we have left out lots of products that are also worthy of mention. We could easily have done a video about our favourite 50 products, but we felt we had to draw a line somewhere.

Anyway, if you have half an hour to kill, watch the video. I would add that the video is meant to be a bit lighthearted. We are not seriously reviewing gear here. We've merely tried to encapsulate our feelings about various pieces, and in every case we've tried to do it in under a minute; a technique we picked up from Martin at Bike Stop.

Ultimately, of course, we're just putting some ideas out there; that's all. And certainly not everybody is going to agree with us. As, I suspect, will become clear from the comments we get on YouTube from those who wish to flaunt their superior knowledge and experience, and from those who want to express their outrage that we did not include the product that they own, and that they strongly believe to be superior to the item we have chosen.


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