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Shoei NXR2 Nocturne TC4 helmet in white / red



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Shoei NXR2 Nocturne TC4 helmet in white / red
Shoei NXR2 Nocturne TC4 helmet in white / redAlternative Image1
Shoei NXR2 Nocturne TC4 helmet in white / redAlternative Image2

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Shoei NXR2 Nocturne TC4 helmet in white / red Product Information

The Shoei NXR 2 is, as the name would suggest, a replacement for the outgoing NXR helmet. The new helmet is, in concept, very similar to its predecessor. It is an upgrade in a number of quite significant ways, but the greatest change is that this helmet is accredited to the new, higher ECE 22-06 safety standard. This is only the second helmet ever to meet the standard, the first being the Arai Quantic with which it competes almost directly in the marketplace. The NXR 2, as did its predecessor, sits within Shoei’s ‘Sport’ line. And that’s why the helmet doesn’t come with a drop-down sun visor or an integrated comms. facility. The NXR 2 is not a track helmet, per se; but it is certainly a helmet you could wear on a sportsbike. Shoei talk about the helmet being aimed at the sport-touring market. And whilst this may be the case, we would suggest that the NXR 2 is positioned more at the sportier end of the spectrum, whilst the GT Air sits more at the touring end. The new helmet employs the same AIM shell construction as the old one. This is a shell that is made from a mix of organic and composite fibres. The result is a lightweight helmet that is both strong and energy absorbing; a shell that is perhaps less rigid than that of an Arai, but stronger than that of, say, a Shark. The eps, which is the polystyrene lining inside the shell that absorbs energy in an impact, is multi-density, thus providing different levels of absorption dependent upon the severity of the impact. Venting channels run between the different layers to allow to flow air through the helmet. One of the standout features of the NXR 2 is that the shell comes in four different sizes; and that is quite exceptional. In terms of overall weight, the NXR 2 will come in a little bit heavier and larger than the previous model. In medium, the helmet weighs 1400 grammes. Shoei are saying that the increased weight comes down to the extra demands of 22-06. At speed, the new helmet is meant to exhibit 4% less drag and 6% less lift, so even if it is a bit heavier it won’t feel so on the bike. As with all Shoeis, we here at Motolegends will have the ability to fit different headliners and cheekpads in order to achieve an optimal fit. But there is a difference between the old helmet and the new one in terms of the way the helmet fits. The shape of the shell, the eps and the new cheekpads have been designed to give the helmet a snugger fit on the cheeks, and to increase the tightness of the neck roll. The visor on the NXR 2 is improved in a number of respects. First, it has a new closing mechanism, with a lock in the centre rather than the more traditional, side latch that employs friction to stay in place. It is more secure, and does not put any twisting pressure on the visor mechanism. It is this pressure that can, over time, cause the sealing of the visor against the helmet to deteriorate. The new visor, called the CWR-F2, is also more rigid, and contains what are called Vortex Generators to reduce noise. One thing we really like about the visor is its ‘crack’ position. It’s just about perfect. Now the Variable Axis System on the helmet pulls the visor in tight against the beading around the visor aperture as the visor is closed. But on the new helmet there’s also a lever mechanism that allows you to fine tune the closure of the visor. The beading around the visor aperture is also improved to the same end; namely a better seal to reduce noise and water ingress. Like all Shoeis, the NXR2 comes with a top-of-the-range Pinlock Evo (aka a Pinlock 120) in the box. It is 10% larger than the Pinlock in the old helmet, whist the retaining pins have been moved out further to ensure that they do not encroach on the line of sight. The venting has also been improved. The twin-inlet chin vent is less fiddly and easier to use, especially with gloved hands. The brow vent on the new helmet has two inlets, whereas on the NXR there was just one. You also get two easy-to-operate slider intakes, one on each side of the main brow vent. The incoming air pulls warm air out from the helmet through channels in the eps, exhausting it through a new, enlarged exit vent built into the aerodynamically-improved rear spoiler. This allows 50% more air to exit the new helmet. Now, on the original NXR, the exhaust vent could be shut; it is permanently open on the NXR 2. And we approve of this because we simply cannot see any circumstance in which you don’t want air to exhaust through the helmet. You might want to stop air getting into the helmet, but never would you want to stop it escaping, whatever the conditions. All the other stuff is just detail. The cheekpads incorporate tabs to allow them to be easily removed by a ‘first responder’. The helmet fastens by means of a double-D ring, and is supplied with both a breath guard and a chin curtain.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Four shell sizes
  • Seven sizes from XXS to XXL
  • Very effective ventilation
  • Supplied with Pinlock Evo
  • Adjustable shield lock system
  • Perfect visor 'crack' position
  • Moisture absorbing quick dry interior fabric
  • Improved fit makes for quieter helmet
  • New CWR-F2 visor with central lock
  • Dual eps liner
  • ECE 22-06 accredited

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