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Shoei NXR 2

The Shoei NXR 2 is the new full face sports touring helmet from leading helmet brand Shoei. This helmet, unsurprisingly, replaces the original Shoei NXR. It is a very lightweight and compact helmet. Importantly it is the first Shoei helmet and only the second ever helmet to have new ECE 22-06 accreditation making it the safest Shoei available. Comes in four shell sizes and seven different helmet sizes. Buy online with free next day delivery or visit us at our Guildford store for a personal fitting. Here at Motolegends we will have different sizes of cheek pads and head liners to allow us to get the very best fit. There are lots of improvements on this updated version; better venting, better sound proofing, a new visor, bigger Pinlock. Unlike the Shoei Neotec 3, however, the NXR2 does not feature an internal drop down dark visor. Read our review of the Shoei NXR 2 helmet for the full lowdown.

What is the difference between Shoei NXR and the NXR 2?

The NXR 2 was released in September 2021. It was one of the very first helmets to meet the new safety standard ECE 22-06. And as we have seen on many helmets, whenever a manufacturer has brought out a helmet to the new standard they have take the opportunity upgrade it in one way or another. Of course, ECE 22-06 brings with it many demands. And so the NXR2 is marginally larger and heavier than its predecessor. For the same reason it has a better, stronger visor with a central locking mechanism.  The design of the new helmet apparently delivers increased lift, meaning that the extra weight is pretty much negated when on the move. The vents on the NXR2 are easier to use. And the exhaust vent supposedly flows 50% more air than was the case on the old helmet. In every way the NXR2 is a direct descendant of its predecessor. In many minor respects, and in a few major ones, the helmet is improved.

Does the Shoei NXR 2 come with pinlock?

Yes, the NXR 2 comes with a Pinlock Evo (otherwise know as a Pinlock 120) which is the highest specification of Pinlock insert.

Does Shoei NXR 2 have a sun visor?

The Shoei NXR 2 does not have an internal sunvisor. This means that the shell is lighter and more compact. There are also plenty of coloured and tinted visor options for the NXR2 if you need them.

Is the Shoei RF-1400 the same as the NXR 2?

The Shoei RF-1400 is a helmet made for the American market and is Snell approved. It is a similar model as the NXR 2 but is differently spec'd because of the different legal requirements for the different markets.

Other Shoei helmets available are the Shoei Neotec 3Shoei GT Air 3 ,  Shoei Hornet ADV, Shoei J-Cruise 2Shoei Ex-ZeroShoei JO

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